Angerfang Counterattack

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[+] Limo Desert
 [+] Kingdom of Limon
  [61] Angerfang Counterattack
Expansion: Patch 6.0.3
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Udkar Angerfang (RW/Ggl) @ Kingdom of Limon (Limo Desert)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Udkar Angerfang (RW/Ggl) @ Kingdom of Limon
 XP: 534,699
 TP: 53,469
 Gold: 12,227Gold 
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Quest Chain
  1. [61] Ambition
  2. [61] Limon Pride
  3. [61] Class Cannot Be Overcome
  4. [61] The Sharpclaw Lie
  5. [61] Angerfang Counterattack

You need to be at least Level 59 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 53 to turn-in this quest.


Use the Sharpclaw Booty to lure out Sharrow Sharpclaw, then teach him a lesson! Bring a Sharpclaw Tooth back to Udkar Angerfang.

Recommended group size: 3-4


The Sharpclaw Booty is at 31.7, 49.7, in the building east of Kawak's Tomb.

After using the Sharpclaw Booty, you will be approached by a group who will attack you, one if whom is Sharrow Sharpclaw.

The Sharpclaw Lie
Limo Desert
Quest Series
Kingdom of Limon
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As a 62/61 Warlock/Priest I could not solo this. I had to ask a guildie to come do it for me.