Ancient Weaved Belt (Belt)

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Worth: 612Gold 
Reward From:
Eq waist-cloth010-01.png
Ancient Weaved Belt
Tier 5
Requires Level 81
Cloth Belt
Worth: 612 Gold
+982 Maximum HP
+210 Intelligence
+1260 Magical Attack
+162 Wisdom
Spirit XVI

+891 Magical Defense
Barricade XVI

Advocate of Dawn (7) Cloth
Ancient Weaved Pants (RWdb)
Ancient Weaved Belt (Hands) Ancient Weaved Belt (Hands)
Ancient Weaved Short Boots (RWdb)
Ancient Weaved Belt (Belt) Ancient Weaved Belt (Belt)
Ancient Weaved Helmet (RWdb)
Ancient Weaved Shoulder Guards (RWdb)
Ancient Weaved Robe (RWdb)
2 Pieces: +380 Intelligence
4 Pieces: +2280 Magical Attack, +1520 Healing Power Increase Points
7 Pieces: +509 Magical Accuracy
aka Dawn

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Tpyo "Weaved" should be "Woven".