Ancient Power (Quest Series)

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Ancient Power (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSilverspring
Rec. Levels10
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This is the access & farming series for the Arcanium Chamber.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The following quest, Recruitment, is optional and unimportant but it is tracked separately so Completionistas need to do all 6 versions (quests 427136 through 427141).

Ferkan Paine in Wailing Fjord, Ray Lulisk in Thunderhoof Hills, William Woods in Dust Devil Canyon, Mish Paine in Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, Peggy Raffa in Fireboot Underground Fortress, or Gawn Chaine in Silverspring

Main Series[edit | edit source]

Andalus LeeJess HaysDerrit Foras, Salmanda, Alik Nor, and Fulan ItzonAllen Ferknor

  1. [10] News from Kolydia - Learn the causes
  2. [10] What is this "Return" project? - Listen to the explanation
  3. [10] Ancient Secret Book - Speak to Jess Hays and Jason Lonbar to learn the progress
  4. The Arcanium Chamber (repeat the following quests Once per Day):

If you have an Executive Order from Haidon Executive Order from Haidon (from Haidon's Gift of Gratitude Haidon's Gift of Gratitude), you can use it to reset Construction of the Arcanium Chamber and Temple to the Ancient Spirits so they can be repeated.