Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (Quest Series)

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Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneAncient Kingdom of Rorazan
Rec. Levels70 to 73
Previous Tergothen Bay
Next Chrysalia
See alsoQuest Series
Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

Beginning with Tergothen Bay, mobs may have a ball of energy visible below, around or above their heads. This is the visual clue that they have a buff on them that makes them harder than the unmarked mobs around them. The color of the ball tells you what effect is on the mob.

Only mobs that display one of these four effects have a chance to drop a Mysterious Bag.

Effect In-game Description/Effects XP/TP
Arduous Arduous Arduous received damage reduced by half
Takes half incoming damage
Empower Empower Empower damage increase
Hits you harder
Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy attack speed increase
Hits you more often
Tenacious Tenacious Tenacious increased hit points
Takes more damage to kill, hits a little harder
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Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

This zone has many Daily and Public quests that start with an NPC and are based at their location.

Almost all repeatable quests in this zone are part of a Quest Triad. This is a normal quest which unlocks 2 repeatables: one a Daily that rewards XP, Gold and Ic Tokens, and the other a Public quest that rewards only Ic Public Event Points. Many, but not all, of these can be run at the same time and turned in together.

All Daily quests in this zone are level 71, and they all reward the same 273,970 XP. The only exception to this is the three Group/Raid quests that lead into Aeternal Circle.

Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

Titles[edit | edit source]

Zone Completion Title: Blood Vanguard - Complete all of the above titles.

Front Line Alliance Camp[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Front Line Alliance Camp
[70][Daily] The Mission of the Alliance Delegation Ike Myers 236,998
[70][Daily] Winnie Sibok's Request Winnie Sibok 263,332
[71][Daily] Unique Environment Sifan Lodongs 273,970
[71][Daily] Mission Delivery Robert Fox 273,970
[71][Daily] Standard Procedure Robert Fox 273,970
[71][Daily] Unbearable Heat Locke Daniel 273,970
[71][Daily] Take Good Care Kayme Susan 273,970
[71][Daily] Another Battlefield Ivan Futia 273,970
[71][Daily] Too Busy to Eat or Sleep Ivan Futia 273,970
[71][Daily] Demonstration Battle Anthony Taz 273,970
[71][Daily] Air Raid Warning Tim Ango 273,970
[71][Daily] Water of Blessing Miller Wood 273,970
[71][Daily] Seed of Life Talibov 273,970
[71][Daily] Moderation Talibov 273,970
[71][Daily] Camp Security Talibov 273,970

Balanzasar is the name of the continent, Front Line Alliance Camp is the name now used for the ancient city, name unknown, where it has been established.

Ailic's Aides are available to provide direct transport between the Command Center, Depository and Forging District, Plaza Area, Front Line Alliance Camp Entrance, and the Logging Area.

All Daily Quests that start at Front Line Alliance Camp have a Minimum Level of 68 rather than the 69 they should have. They reward the same XP/TP as all Daily Quests in the zone. Daily Quests in the rest of the zone have a minimum of 69.

Command Center[edit | edit source]

The first two Daily Quests at this location do NOT reward any Phirius Token Coins Phirius Token Coins!
unlocked by completing Intelligence Station in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

Ike Myers [Alliance Envoy]

Winnie Sibok [Intelligence Officer]

unlocked by completing Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Winnie Sibok [Intelligence Officer]

  1. [70] The Real Situation - To gather information, speak to and follow the directions of Henry Binks in the Central Kitchen
  2. Repeatables:

Research Center[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Sifan Lodongs [Research Center Contact]

Depository[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Robert Fox [Logistics Center Official]

Forging District[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Locke Daniel [Ailic's Aide]

Rest Area[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Kayme Susan [Rest Area Official]

  • [70] Take Good Care - Take care of 10 patients
    • Click on the Purification Rune, Exuberance Rune and Restraint Rune in front of Kayme to gain the tools you will need. Then target an injured patient and look at the effects on him. Use the correct runes for his ailment. The runes are single use and Unique so cannot be stacked, so you will have to return to the center to restock often. Worse, not every patient can be helped. Also, as a Caregiver makes her rounds, she will remove the illness she sees so you need to concentrate on the opposite side of the area from where she is working.
    • [71][Daily] Take Good Care - Take care of 10 patients
    • (Ic PEP x160)[70][Public] Take Good Care - Take care of 10 patients

Central Kitchen[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Ivan Futia [Head Chef]

Training Grounds[edit | edit source]

Mish Paine [Phirius Workshops] in the Training Grounds

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Anthony Taz [Battle Instructor]

Plaza Area[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
Tim Ango [Air Defense Commanding Officer]

Logging Area[edit | edit source]

unlocked by Elemental Lord in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

Miller Wood [Squad Leader]

Talibov [Elven Instructor]

Scorched Rift[edit | edit source]

Flame Effect
Coordination Seed
Nature's Agility

While in the flames of Scorched Rift you will receive a DOT, called Flame Effect, which slows your movement and deals damage to you if you move too fast (such as running for your life). To counteract this debuff, after you have completed Invitation in the Surging Undercurrent quest series, talk to Elimiano in the Elf Camp to receive a Ic Coordination Seed. This will grant you Nature's Agility, granting immunity to the Flame Effect for 30 minutes. Use the first one he gives you, then ask for another and hold onto it, giving you an hour of relief before you need to return to him.

Aren Base[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Aren Base
Quest Start XP
[71][Daily] Find an Ailic's Researcher Fenyan Lilt 273,970
[71][Daily] Heart of Nature and Life Diandon 273,970
[71][Daily] Extinguish More Flames Diandon 273,970
[71][Daily] Prison Diandon 273,970
[71][Daily] Further Rune Study David Chase 273,970
[71][Daily] Prisoner Battle David Chase 273,970
[71][Daily] Self Reliance Tablen Cage 273,970
[71][Daily] Sleepwalk Again Lebuden 273,970
[71][Daily] Next Time Will Be Better Lebuden 273,970

† Since all Dailies at this camp are worth the same XP, the most repeatable is Extinguish More Flames. The NPC and the nearest updates are mere steps apart, and it only wants 3 updates.

Fenyan Lilt [Aren Lieutenant Colonel]


David Chase [Ailic's Researcher]

Tablen Cage [Aren Commander]
unlocked by Seek Answers in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

Lebuden [Water Dragon]

Elf Camp[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Elf Camp
Quest Start XP
[71][Daily] Affected Earth Andelia 273,970
[71][Daily] Calm Heart Hermane 273,970
[71][Daily] Suffering Spirits Natalie 273,970
[71][Daily] Secret Worries of the Forest Alabella 273,970
[71][Daily] Self-Sufficiency Alabella 273,970
[71][Daily] Starting with Food Fekotonis 273,970
[71][Daily] Provide Calming Power Fekotonis 273,970
[71][Daily] Scorched Earth Fekotonis 273,970
[71][Daily] Random Fires Fekotonis 273,970
[71][Daily] Boundaries Fekotonis 273,970
[71][Daily] Affected Spirits Katook 273,970
[71][Daily] The Spirits' Way Out Katook 273,970
[71][Daily] Flame Messenger Katook 273,970
[71][Daily] Continue to Escort the Injured Nawes Sid 273,970




Alabella [Ailic's Community]

unlocked by completing Rebirth Seed in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. [70] Starting with Food - Collect Ic Dry Grass x10 from Dry Plant
  2. [70] Provide Calming Power - Use the Ic Mixed Grass to feed 5 Frightened Gulo, calming them
  3. [70] Scorched Earth - Get Ic Dry Soil x5
  4. [70] Random Fires - Use the Ic Water Magic Rune to extinguish 4 Random Fires
  5. [70] Boundaries - Find the Protector Vines and scatter the Ic Protection Seeds
  6. [70] Listen to the Ancient Forest - Speak with Fekotonis

unlocked by completing Great Gate Research Group in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. [70] Spirit Wielder - Find the Digging Marks in Scorched Rift and bury the Ic Sacred Stone
  2. [70] Affected Spirits - Defeat 10 Angry Leopard Spirits
  3. [70] The Spirits' Way Out - Defeat 10 Angry Predator Spirits
  4. [70] Flame Messenger - Get Ic Charred Soul x10 from Mutant Beasts and Mutant Crystal-fur Mice
  5. [70] Charred Soul - Accept the thanks of Katook

Nawes Sid
unlocked by Save the Wounded

  1. [71] Escort for the Injured - Escort a wounded soldier to Fuya Brian at Front Line Alliance Camp

Great Steel Gates[edit | edit source]

Great Gate Research Camp[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Great Gate Research Camp
Quest Start XP
[71][Daily] Clean the Gatefront Andersen 273,970
[71][Daily] Investigate the Great Gate Andersen 273,970
[71][Daily] Rock Samples Andersen 273,970
[71][Daily] Energy Source Andersen 273,970

unlocked by completing Obtain Important Research Material in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. [70] Information Exchange - Deliver the Ic Letter for the Elves to Elimiano at Elf Camp
  2. [70] Clean the Gatefront - Kill 10 Great Gate Guardian
  3. [70] Investigate the Great Gate - Use the Ic Detection Rune on the Energy Detection Device on three sides of the Great Steel Gates
  4. [70] Rock Samples - Get Ic Crystal Sample x5 from Pressure-formed Crystal
  5. [70] Energy Source - Get Ic Broken Core x10 from Great Gate Energy Scouts
    • Beware! The scouts explode when they die! (Self Detonation: 12.5k damage!)
  6. [70] Use rope? - Use the Ic Normal Rope to capture a Great Gate Energy Scout
  7. [70] Plant Trap - Request assistance from Elimiano
  8. Andersen

Flaming Forest[edit | edit source]

Yulia [Phirius Merchant] on the road from Banrioch to Aeternal Circle

  1. [71] Careful you don't get eaten alive! - Kill 6 Wailing Cane, then deliver Ic Yulia's Entrusted Goods to Halides at Aeternal Circle

Banrioch[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Banrioch
Quest Start XP
[71][Daily] Continue to Consolidate Forces Timden Mester 273,970
[71][Daily] Secret Weapon Modification Jajash Wormfoot 273,970
[71][Daily] More Mutual Benefits Jajash Wormfoot 273,970
[71][Daily] Continue to Meet Each Other's Needs Jajash Wormfoot 273,970
[71][Daily] Still a Mess Mosya 273,970
[71][Daily] Help Again with Equipment Repair Rednose Copperstove 273,970
[71][Daily] Even More Sturdy Wood Rednose Copperstove 273,970
[71][Daily] Continue to Save the Wounded Gilnovan 273,970
[71][Daily] Accelerated Speed Amotta Steelcup 273,970
[71][Daily] Even More Red Flame Grass Sarwilla 273,970
[71][Daily] Be More Vigilant Shar Talos 273,970
[71][Daily] Concerned Note Shar Talos 273,970
[71][Daily] Bring some more fresh ones! Kello Funam 273,970

† Best Daily Quest at this location to rapidly repeat

Carlson Paine

  1. [71] The Records of Rorazan - Examine Ic Dusty Pages until you find all the parts to Ic Ancient Song, Ic Writings and Dark Hair, and Ic Four Seasons Poem.

Lucibel Dana
unlocked by completing Unity is a Fortress in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. [71] Lost to the Beak - Retrieve the Ic Stolen Backpack from Forest Big Beak
  2. Find the Lost Bags on a tree trunk growing out from the top of the cliff near Lucibel Dana

Timden Mester [Banrioch Guard Leader]

  1. [70] Consolidate Forces - Kill 10 Laphraag Raiders

unlocked by completing Consolidate Forces
Jajash Wormfoot

  1. [70] Secret Weapon - Use the Ic Lens of Light to find the best locations, then set 5 Ic Precision Mine Traps around Banrioch
  2. [70] Mutual Benefit - Get Ic Energy Collection Core x10 from Great Gate Guardian or Great Gate Energy Scout
  3. [70] Meet Each Other's Needs - Deliver the perfected Ic Precision Mine Trap to Lunana Flitfoot at Hrodnor Command Camp


  1. [70] A Mess - Use Ic Strong Rope to capture 10 Lazy Soldiers

Rednose Copperstove

  1. [70] Assist in Equipment Repair - Repair 5 Practice Targets and 5 Practice Dummies
  2. [70] Sturdy Wood - Get Ic Red Chestnut Wood x10 in Flaming Forest (looks identical to Janost Cypress Wood)

unlocked by completing Fireproof Plants in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. Gilnovan
    1. [70] Save the Wounded - Heal 5 wounded soldiers
  2. Amotta Steelcup
    1. [70] Full Speed - Get Ic Whitebell Herb x5 from Lolian Stein in the Depository and Ic Lolan Herb x5 from Feid Mester at Hrodnor Command Camp
  3. Sarwilla
    1. [70] The Girl and the Red Flame Grass - Get Ic Red Flame Grass x5 from Flame-Red Grass (same object as the more common Ic Flame-Red Grass but smells different. Just keep harvesting it over and over until you get the right ones. Astia will appear after each harvest to tell you if you got the right one or not.)

Ansen Diaz
unlocked by completing Fantastic Balance in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. [71][Group] Flaming Forest Environmental Research - Use Ic Hardened Steel Shears on Krolin (72 Crown Elite), then get a Ic Feather of Fire from his corpse

Shar Talos [Banrioch Commander]

Kello Funam
unlocked by completing Mysterious Fire in the Surging Undercurrent quest series

  1. [70] Bring some fresh ones! - Catch Ic Jumpy Fish x5 from Swimming School of Fish at the lake near the camp

Aeternal Circle[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Aeternal Circle
Quest Start XP
[71][Daily][Group] Massive Guard Aisha Elumi 287,668
[71][Daily][Group] Experiment Materials Jeff Issac 301,367
[71][Daily][Group] More Magical Feathers Aisha Elumi 315,065

Aeternal Circle is an Instanced Dungeon. - The entrance is a blue circle on the ground surrounded by three other blue circles deep in the mob-infested area.

Jeff Issac

Aisha Elumi


  1. [71] Enchanted Paper - Get Ic Ancient Book Pages x10 from the Energy Aggregate Creatures
  2. [71] Truth in the Dust - Ask Bolodian about the contents of the book

Hrodnor Command Camp[edit | edit source]

Comparison of Daily Quests at Hrodnor Command Camp
Quest Start XP
[71][Daily] Detoxifying Smelly Fish Grass Tak Sorbo 273,970
[71][Daily] Using Minerals Hermes Choli 273,970
[71][Daily] The Hrodnor List (1/day) Hermes Choli 273,970
[71][Daily] Spell Components (1/day) Fasdo Nigetio 273,970
[71][Daily] Ingredients Sweep (1/day) Fasdo Nigetio 273,970

Sayek Lopear

  1. (Ic PEP x70)[71] Wannabe Heroes - Put in a good word for Sayek Lopear with Yujin Angerfang
  2. Yujin Angerfang
    1. also requires completion of Origin of the Mysterious Sound in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
      (Ic PEP x150)[71] Behind Enemy Lines - Help find Sayek Lopear who is lost inside the Laphraag Production Plant
    2. (Ic PEP x250)[71] The Penny Drops For Sayek - Get the medicine from Bel Thesodar and deliver it to Sayek Lopear all within 10 minutes
    3. (Ic PEP x100)[71] First Ever Apology - Help convey Sayek Lopear's apology to Yujin Angerfang
    4. also requires completion of Things to be Considered in the Surging Undercurrent quest series
      (Ic PEP x100)[71] The Final Word -
      Ask Kadolo Shorthair for any news of Sayek Lopear, then report back to Yujin Angerfang

Tak Sorbo [Cooking Recipe Merchant]

Hermes Choll [General Merchant]

Fasdo Nigetio [Chain Armor Merchant]

Kaska Sharpfang

Bernsillo [Hrodnor Deputy Commanding Officer]

Hrodnor Mining Pit[edit | edit source]

Yujin Angerfang [Hrodnor Deputy Commanding Officer]

Moses Blackear


Pomini Ripclaw [Ailic's Community]

Researcher Hocher

Bel Thesodor [Camp Medical Officer]

Iggs Ironclaw

Limon Sentinel or Elven Guard