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Amulets on Character Sheet

Amulets, or Charms, can be equipped in one of the three Amulet slots on your Character Sheet UI. Once placed they accrue points based on their type and bonuses until they have reached their maximum capacity. This does not stop you from earning points, but no more points will be added to the charm beyond it's maximum.

Equipping a new charm of the same type as one already equipped will destroy the equipped charm and replace it with the new one. This includes Player Experience and Pet Experience versions, but not Player Talent vs. Pet Training amulets. IF they appear on the same table, below, they will conflict. So, for example, Pet Experience Charm Pet Experience Charm will overwrite and destroy an equipped Enhanced Superior Experience Charm Enhanced Superior Experience Charm, and it will do it instantly and without warning!

Amulets displayed on HUD

Once a charm is full, right-click on it to convert it into an Orb (or Fruit). Although all charms are Bound, Orbs are not and can be mailed, traded or sold. Using an orb gives the user all the points stored in the orb. The name of the orb will contain it's value, such as an Experience Orb (10,000 Points) Experience Orb (10,000 Points). Fruits do the same thing but apply to a Pet when you feed it the Fruit. "Source of"'s replace all of a pool when it reaches 50%.

Prefix names affect the amount of points a charm can hold and how much bonus is added.

Bonus Prefixes
Prefix Talent Experience
Basic 1,000 10,000
Intermediate 5,000 50,000
Advanced 10,000 100,000
Superior 100,000 1,000,000
Golden 1,000,000 10,000,000
Prefix Amount
Exquisite +100%
Powerful +300%
Enhanced +500%

† Not all Amulets are for sale, and those that are may not be available all the time.

Experience Charm Experience Charm
Charm Maximum Cost †
Basic Experience Charm Basic Experience Charm 10,000 XP 9Diamonds ($0.27) 
Advanced Experience Charm Advanced Experience Charm 100,000 XP 99Diamonds ($2.95) 
Powerful Advanced Experience Charm Powerful Advanced Experience Charm 100,000 XP
Superior Experience Charm Superior Experience Charm 1,000,000 XP
Enhanced Superior Experience Charm Enhanced Superior Experience Charm 1,000,000 XP
185Diamonds ($5.52) 
Powerful Golden Experience Charm Powerful Golden Experience Charm 10,000,000 XP
270Diamonds ($8.06) 
Pet Experience Charm Pet Experience Charm 10,000 Pet XP

Talent Charm Talent Charm
Charm Maximum Cost †
Basic Talent Charm Basic Talent Charm 1,000 TP 9Diamonds ($0.27)  or 180Phirius Token Coins 
Intermediate Talent Charm Intermediate Talent Charm 5,000 TP
Advanced Talent Charm Advanced Talent Charm 10,000 TP 99Diamonds ($2.95) 
Superior Talent Charm Superior Talent Charm 100,000 TP 249Diamonds ($7.43) 
Golden Talent Charm Golden Talent Charm 1,000,000 TP
Pet Training Charm Pet Training Charm
Name Cost
Pet Training Charm Pet Training Charm 1,000 Pet TP
Other Amulets
Name Cost
Source of Life Source of Life
Source of Magic Source of Magic