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This summarized page lists in-game items or topics best summed up with a single wiki article. This is so we can avoid making dozens of pages all dealing with slight variations of the same thing. If they are created at all, the individual pages should all redirect here.

Ammunition is a needed supply for all Scouts and Rogues.

I am simply going to build tables of the supplies, and let those who actually use ranged weapons fill out this page.

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Helpful Hint: For the rest of us, if you use the Lootomatic add-on and do not want arrows and projectiles clogging up your bags, put the wildcard $ammo in your loot table and it will match ALL Ammunition.

Arrows[edit | edit source]

Arrows are used by Scouts.

Icon Item Tier Level
Damage Attack
DPS Source † Cost
(per 999)
Thin Wooden Arrow 1 1 6 2.7 2.22 n/a n/a
Wooden Arrow 1 1 7 3.0 2.3 Wooden Arrow Quiver Wooden Arrow Quiver 100Gold  n/a
Tooth Arrow 2 7 24 3.0 5.67 Tooth Arrow Quiver Tooth Arrow Quiver ?Gold  n/a
Bone Arrow 2 7 24 3.0 5.67 Bone Arrow Quiver Bone Arrow Quiver 150Gold  n/a
Copper Arrow 1 14 29 3.0 9.6 Copper Arrow Quiver Copper Arrow Quiver 500Gold  n/a
Iron Arrow 2 21 44 3.0 14.6 Iron Arrow Quiver Iron Arrow Quiver 1,500Gold  1Gold 
Spike Arrow 2 28 61 3.0 20.3 Spike Arrow Quiver Spike Arrow Quiver 2,800Gold  1Gold 
Cross Spike Arrow 2 35 80 3.0 26.6 Cross Spike Arrow Quiver Cross Spike Arrow Quiver 4,000Gold  1Gold 
Razor Tooth Arrow 3 42 102 3.0 33.9 Razor Tooth Arrow Quiver Razor Tooth Arrow Quiver 5,000Gold  2Gold 
Gunpowder Arrow 3 49 128 3.0 42.5 Gunpowder Arrow Quiver Gunpowder Arrow Quiver 8,000Gold  3Gold 
Kerl's Mechanical Arrow 3 56 157 3.0 52.2 Kerl's Mechanical Arrow Quiver Kerl's Mechanical Arrow Quiver 10,000Gold  3Gold 
Magic Pattern Arrow 4 63 200 3.0 66.4 Magic Pattern Arrow Quiver Magic Pattern Arrow Quiver 12,000Gold  4Gold 
Obsidian Arrow 4 70 243 3.0 80.7 Obsidian Arrow Quiver Obsidian Arrow Quiver 14,000Gold  5Gold 
Sage's Arrow 4 77 273 3.0 90.7 Sage's Arrow Quiver Sage's Arrow Quiver 16,000Gold  6Gold 
Legendary Arrow 4 84 324 3.0 107.7 Legendary Arrow Quiver Legendary Arrow Quiver 18,000Gold  7Gold 
Athenian Arrow 5 91 ?? 3.0 127.2 Athenian Arrow Quiver Athenian Arrow Quiver 20,000Gold  8Gold 
Hero's Arrow 5 98 450 3.0 149.5 Hero's Arrow Quiver Hero's Arrow Quiver 22,000Gold  9Gold 

† Arrows are a common drop from all mobs. Higher-level mobs will drop a sheaf of 100. Quivers are sold by General Merchants and always contain 999 Arrows.
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Projectiles[edit | edit source]

Projectiles are used by Rogues. In order to equip a projectile in your "Ammunition" slot, you must first un-equip any Bow, or Crossbow, and Arrows (if you have them equipped).

Icon Item Tier Level
Damage Attack
DPS Source † Cost ††
(per 999)
Stone 1 1 4 3.8 1.0 Stone Bag Stone Bag 150Gold  n/a
Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife 1 7 9 3.8 2.37 Throwing Knife Bag Throwing Knife Bag 200Gold  n/a
Throwing Axe
Throwing Axe 1 14 15 3.8 3.9 Throwing Axe Bag Throwing Axe Bag 640Gold  n/a
Balanced Throwing Knife
Balanced Throwing Knife 2 21 23 3.8 6.0 Balanced Throwing Knife Bag Balanced Throwing Knife Bag 1,800Gold  1Gold 
Improved Throwing Axe
Improved Throwing Axe 2 28 32 3.8 8.4 Improved Throwing Axe Bag Improved Throwing Axe Bag 3,200Gold  1Gold 
Puncturing Dart
Puncturing Dart 2 35 42 3.8 11.0 Puncturing Dart Bag Puncturing Dart Bag 5,000Gold  2Gold 
Three-leaf Knife
Three-leaf Knife 3 42 54 3.8 14.2 Three-leaf Knife Bag Three-leaf Knife Bag 6,600Gold  2Gold 
Assassin's Blade
Assassin's Blade 3 49 67 3.8 17.6 Assassin's Blade Bag Assassin's Blade Bag 9,200Gold  3Gold 
Iron Rose
Iron Rose 3 56 83 3.8 21.9 Iron Rose Bag Iron Rose Bag 12,000Gold  4Gold 
Totem-hunting Axe
Totem-hunting Axe 4 63 421 3.8 110.5 Totem-hunting Axe Bag Totem-hunting Axe Bag 15,000Gold  5Gold 
Guard's Throwing Knife
Guard's Throwing Knife 4 70 581 3.8 152.5 Guard's Throwing Knife Bag Guard's Throwing Knife Bag 18,000Gold  6Gold 
Obsidian Throwing Axe
Obsidian Throwing Axe 4 77 704 3.8 184.8 Obsidian Throwing Axe Bag Obsidian Throwing Axe Bag
Obsidian Throwing Axe Obsidian Throwing Axe ††
700Gold /10
Sage's Throwing Knife
Sage's Throwing Knife 5 84 871 3.8 228.9 Sage's Throwing Knife Bag Sage's Throwing Knife Bag
Sage's Throwing Knife Sage's Throwing Knife ††
800Gold /10
Legendary Throwing Axe
Legendary Throwing Axe 5 91 1042 3.8 273.5 Legendary Throwing Axe Bag Legendary Throwing Axe Bag
Legendary Throwing Axe ††
900Gold /10
Carved Voidal Steel Throwing Knife
Carved Voidal Steel Throwing Knife 5 92 1394 3.8 365.9 Dropped by bosses in Energesis 57Gold 
Flying Pirate Blade of Bone Peak
Flying Pirate Blade of Bone Peak 5 95 1472 3.8 386.4 Dropped by bosses in Bone Peak 59Gold 
Hero's Blade
Hero's Blade 5 98 1217 3.8 319.4 Hero's Blade Hero's Blade †† 1,000Gold /10 10Gold 

† Projectiles are a common drop from all mobs. Higher-level mobs will drop stacks. All projectile Ammo Bags are sold by General Merchants and contain 999 except ††.
†† Starting in Tasuq Throwing Knives Throwing Knives are sold individually with a default purchase per right-click of 10.

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