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Amato Daji

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For Sale:
            Amato Daji
            [Woodcutting Recipe Merchant]
            Race (MCT)Angren (Humanoid)
            TypeWoodcutting Recipe Merchant
            LevelNon-Player Character
            LocationWailing Fjord / Muckgale Port ( 21.7, 73.6 )
            Race: Angren

            If you have a picture of this specific mob, you can upload it to File:Amato Daji.jpg


            To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Amato Daji in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

            Sells craftlink: unrecognized profession recipes from level 81 to 96.

            Woodcutting (Gathering)
            Woodcrafting (Refining)