Alisber's Worry

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[+] The Degenerated Elves
 [+] Dimstar Swamp 2
  [59][Group Epic] Alisber's Worry
Expansion: Ch.III: The Elder Kingdoms
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Alisber @ Dimstar Swamp (Northern Janost Forest)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Nax the Holy Tree (RW/Ggl) @ Jyr'nathon Forest
 XP: 749,491
 TP: 74,949
 Gold: 19,396Gold 
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The Elder Kingdoms

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.

You need to be at least Level 57 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 51 to turn-in this quest.

This is a GROUP quest. Good luck.


Give the Holy Mark to Nax the Holy Tree. This will enrage him, and make him aggressive.

It might seem you can weather the storm by running like hell and just power through this as a soloer, but you have to stay in range and fight Furious Nax to get the update.

You cannot run away after using the Holy Mark then return later to resume/complete the conversation. You will have to abandon this quest and restart it, all the way back at Alisber

This quest is designed for 4 or more players.

Forest Restoration (RW/Ggl)
The Degenerated Elves
Quest Series
Dimstar Swamp 2
Nax the Holy Tree's response (RW/Ggl)
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