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For Sale:

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                  [Artificers' Guild]
                  Race (MCT)Human (Humanoid)
                  TypeEvent Merchant
                  LevelNon-Player Character
                  LocationThunderhoof Hills / Abandoned District of Dalanis
                  Race: Human

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                  To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Alber in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

                  All recipes he sells are for Carpentry, Blacksmithing, or Armorcrafting, and he also sells all of the required materials. Recipes all cost 500Gold , and the materials cost from 115Gold  to 299Gold .

                  His recipes cover a wide range of required skill. He may refuse to sell you a recipe he knows you are not ready for. However, he will be happy to sell you a recipe you have already learned, so be methodical!

                  Crafting Festival Recipes Sold By Mizner and Alber
                  Level Skill Recipe Product Quality
                  15 Armorcrafting Recipe - Simple Working Helmet Recipe - Simple Working Helmet Common
                  15 Carpentry Recipe - Basic Wood Crafts Box Recipe - Basic Wood Crafts Box Normal
                  15 Blacksmithing Recipe - Iron Doll Recipe - Iron Doll Normal
                  25 Armorcrafting Recipe - Light Leather Armor Recipe - Light Leather Armor Common
                  25 Carpentry Recipe - Magic Wood Crafts Box Recipe - Magic Wood Crafts Box Normal
                  25 Blacksmithing Recipe - Delicate White Iron Kettle Recipe - Delicate White Iron Kettle Normal
                  35 Armorcrafting Recipe - Magical Chain Armor Recipe - Magical Chain Armor Common
                  35 Carpentry Recipe - Exquisite Sample Bow Recipe - Exquisite Sample Bow Normal
                  35 Blacksmithing Recipe - Unknown Iron Rune Dice Recipe - Unknown Iron Rune Dice Normal
                  45 Armorcrafting Recipe - Powerful Epic Shield Recipe - Powerful Epic Shield Epic
                  45 Carpentry Recipe - Powerful Epic Bow Recipe - Powerful Epic Bow Epic
                  45 Blacksmithing Recipe - Powerful Epic Sword Recipe - Powerful Epic Sword Epic
                  55 Armorcrafting Recipe - Helmet of Penetrating Sight Recipe - Helmet of Penetrating Sight Common
                  55 Carpentry Recipe - Special Ice Coal Recipe - Special Ice Coal Common
                  55 Blacksmithing Recipe - Thermos Bottle Recipe - Thermos Bottle Common
                  65 Armorcrafting Recipe - Power Plate Armor Type T800 Recipe - Power Plate Armor Type T800 Common
                  65 Carpentry Recipe - Easy-to-Use Wand Recipe - Easy-to-Use Wand Common
                  65 Blacksmithing Recipe - Spice Cauldron Recipe - Spice Cauldron Common
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