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Agnes' Trouble

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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Logar
  [6] Agnes' Trouble
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Highly-skilled Doctor
Icon - End Quest.png End: Agnes

You need to be at least Level 4 to receive this quest.


Help the Highly-skilled Doctor by finding Agnes in Logar.

Howling Mountains
Quest Series
Things That Go Bump in the Night
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Adventurer, you have come at the right time.

Recently, a local named Agnes developed a strange disease which prevents her from sleeping well. Every day, she comes to me for help, and although the medicine I prescribe can calm her spirit temporarily, this sickness will become a significant drain on her body if it is not solved soon.

However, I've determined that the root of the problem is related to the Moongorge, and as such, you adventurers would be much more useful than an old doctor like me.

Please go see Agnes. She can tell you more, and I'm guessing that if anyone can help her, you can.

- Highly-skilled Doctor, Resident Doctor

On Completion

Did the Highly-skilled Doctor tell you about it?

Hmm... You seem a reliable sort of person. Alright, then! I must ask you for your help.

- [Agnes]


  • Experience: 55
  • TP: 5
  • Money: 166 Gold

Things That Go Bump in the Night
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