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This is, for now, just a list of the add-ons I use. At this point it should not be considered as definitive or a full recommendation. All of these Add-ons are available via the Twitch client's Mods tab, except as noted.

  • AddonManager - Lists all the Add-ons you have installed and lets you configure them from a single icon-bar.
  • AdvancedWeblinks - Makes URLs in chat clickable. Launches them in your default browser. Compatable with client version and above.
  • Auto Guild Donate - Quickly donates materials to your guild as soon as they appear in your inventory
  • Autotune - Automatically adjusts your graphic settings to achieve a target FPS.
  • awsmDropdown - Toolkit required by many mods.
  • CenedrilHelper - Helps with fusing Mirrorworld drops into higher-level items
  • Charplan - Allows you to look at gear you do not have yet to plan what you want
  • ComeOnIn - Auto-invites people to your party
  • DailyNotes - Lists and accepts/completes Daily and Public quests.
  • DungeonLoots - Searchable Instance Boss drop information
  • FastClicker - Enables/Disables timers to repeat keys or mouse buttons. Not available on Twitch client. Add-on is on Sourceforge.
  • Fusion - Improved Fusion, allows you to quickly make and use Fusion Stones. Not available on Twitch client.
  • Lootomatic - Auto maintain many settings for auto-loot, loot distribution, etc, including an auto-drop list for trash like ammo and low-tier runes
  • pbInfo - Better mob mouse-over info
  • PlantCare - Feeds and waters your plants automatically. Displays plant timers for all characters.
  • pyLib - toolkit required for some mods.
  • QuestHelper - near-complete access to RoM's internal Quest database. An absolute must-have.
  • QuestState - Adds a tab to the NPC Track frame with improved Quest info for Available, Active and Completed quests
  • UltimateMailMod_2014 - Greatly improved mailbox functionality
  • Weblinks - Makes URLs in chat clickable. Launches them in your default browser. Updating by the author stopped after 5.0.9
  • yaCIt - Monster Compendium information
  • yGather - Gatherers map: displays locs of all resources you have passed near.

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