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[+] Syrbal Pass
 [+] Balansaar Production Plant
  [80] A Strange Orb
Expansion: Patch 6.0.0
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Weird Scrub (RW/Ggl) (Syrbal Pass)
Related Items:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Morchai Kappa @ Balansaar Production Plant
 XP: 1,173,876
 TP: 117,387
 Gold: 15,691Gold 

Quest Chain
  1. [80] A Strange Orb
  2. [80] Power Recharge
  3. [80] A Guardian in Trouble (RW/Ggl)
  4. [80] Difficult Repair (RW/Ggl)
  5. [80] Mysterious Sounds (RW/Ggl)

You need to be at least Level 78 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 72 to turn-in this quest.


Keep you eyes open for more suspicious hints.

Goals: Round Part ×1

Syrbal Pass
Quest Series
Balansaar Production Plant
Power Recharge
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