A Monster's Favorite

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[+] Vahtos' Apprentice
 [+] Silverspring
  [17] A Monster's Favorite
Expansion: Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: (Silverspring)
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 XP: 800
 TP: 80
 Gold: 0Gold 

Quest Chain
  1. [16] Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice
  2. [17] A Monster's Favorite
  3. [18] Crafty Bernok
Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

You need to be at least Level 15 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 9 to turn-in this quest.


Jill Norley wants you to get 3 pieces of Excellent Boar Meat.

Goals: Excellent Boar Meat Excellent Boar Meat ×3


Ok, let's begin.

First, we need to prepare some food smells that the monster likes. Let me see what the monster compendium says...

Excellent Boar Meat Excellent Boar Meat is tough enough, but the fat is not rich or distributed evenly. So if we roast it, the smell will not be particularly strong.

However, there is one kind of Excellent Boar Meat Excellent Boar Meat whose fat is very evenly distributed. If roasted, its smell will certainly draw the monster.

We should thus prepare three pieces of this Excellent Boar Meat Excellent Boar Meat. Would you please?

- Jill Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice]


Ahh, the monster's favorite smell is ready now.

- Jill Norley [Vahtos' Apprentice]

Advice from Vahtos' Apprentice
Vahtos' Apprentice
Quest Series
Crafty Bernok (Quest)
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