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A Merchant's Virtues

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Quest Diad
[+] Splitwater Coast
 [+] Port Shard
Expansion: Patch 6.4.0
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Karver Fullright @ Port Shard ( 59.6, 76.0 ) (Splitwater Coast)
Related POIs:
Related Items:
Related Objects:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Karver Fullright @ Port Shard ( 59.6, 76.0 )
[93] A Merchant's Virtues
 XP: 3,241,190
 TP: 324,119
 Gold: 57,371Gold 

[93][Daily] The Capitalist Ethic
see: Grinding Guide
 XP: 654,786
 TP: 65,478
 Gold: 57,371Gold 
You will receive:

  • Min Level: 91
  • Turn-in: 85

  • Min Level: 91
  • Turn-in: 85


All quest groups (diads or triads) start with the Main, non-repeatable quest, which unlocks the repeatable quests.

MainGet Wild Silver Cinnamon Wild Silver Cinnamon ×10 from Wild Silver Cinnamon in the Silver Cinnamon Forest
Dailysame as Main


The map shows only 4 Wild Silver Cinnamon in the zone, all in the field just outside the south gate of Port Shard, but they are all over along the road between Port Shard, Bartas Farm, and the Chalk Wetlands. The Wild Silver Cinnamon closest to the gate of Port Shard can be harvested without fear of combat, and has a 15-second respawn timer. Take a straight-line path from Karver Fullright, through the gate, to the plant.

There are only 2 level 93 (min 91) Daily quests in this zone, and only this one does not require combat. All other Daily quests in this zone are level 94 (min 92).

Splitwater Coast
Quest Series
Port Shard

About Daily Quests

Daily Quests are repeatable up to a total (for all Daily Quests) of 10 times per day. The count can be reset to zero by purchasing and using a Daily Quest Ticket Daily Quest Ticket from the Item Shop (for 39Diamonds ($1.16) ) or from any Phirius Merchant (for 780Phirius Token Coins ).

You can add to your XP and/or TP gain by using one or more Leveling Potions such as a Dual-Function Daily Quest Potion Dual-Function Daily Quest Potion.
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