A Friend's Concern

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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Pioneers Colony
  [3] A Friend's Concern
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Port
Icon - End Quest.png End: Shikha


Shikha, a resident of the Pioneers Colony, seems to have encountered some difficulty with a task. Please help solve whatever the problem is.

Embedding Runes
Howling Mountains
Quest Series
Pioneers Colony
Making Winter Clothes
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I'm a good friend of Shikha, a resident of the Pioneers Colony. However, since she accepted a particular task from the Pioneer's Party, she hasn't even had the time to talk to me. What kind of difficulty could she possibly have encountered?

Could I ask you to help her solve whatever this problem is?

- Port

On Completion

Alas, there's no time. Almost out of time...

Huh? Port asked you to help me out? Great! I could really use a hand!

- Shikha


  • Experience: 60
  • TP: 6
  • Money: 120 Gold

Embedding Runes
Making Winter Clothes
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