A Father's Care

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  [[A Father's Care|[12] A Father's Care]]
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Dela Norsis (RW/Ggl)
Icon - End Quest.png End: Dell

You need to be at least Level 8 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 4 to turn-in this quest.


Help Dela Norsis by telling Dell, Milaya's adoptive father, about his ward's true past.


Oh, brave adventurer who defeated Anglie, please listen to my story of the past:

My name is Dela Norsis. About seven years ago, as a mage, I led my teammates to the Barren Caves in pursuit of legends of incredible power. At the time, my wife, who was carrying our baby daughter, insisted on coming along. In hindsight, I should have refused...

Our quest to the Barren Caves went without incident, until one night... a night so dark it seemed to swallow even the moonlight... when out of the Barren Caves rushed a group of frightening monsters. We had no time to prepare, and were unable to resist... My wife implored some of my teammates to take our daughter and flee south, before sacrificing herself as she broke a path through the enemy lines to help them escape...

The fight lasted until dawn. The endless flow of monsters had just about exhausted our strength when their assault suddenly stopped. And then, he... Anglie... slowly appeared before us. Starting with our fallen comrades, Anglie drained the remaining life from my teammates one by one, killing them all until only I was left...

I used all my strength to resist Anglie, until he realized I possessed unique magical powers... he then used his magic to imprison my soul and seize my power, leaving me unable to join my wife in the afterlife, or protect and guide my daughter as she grew up.

My only hope now is that my Norris family ancestors will recognize the family emblem necklace my daughter carries upon her, and protect her from danger...

You have seen this necklace before? It was carried by a little girl? That must be my daughter... was she alright? Was there someone to care for her? I only wish I could hold her in my arms again...

I know Anglie is about to be resurrected, so I ask one favor of you. Please tell my story to the person caring for my daughter... my time is up, I cannot stay any longer. I ask that you please do this for me...

- Dela Norsis


Travel to Logar and speak with Dell. He is located at (51.1, 42.5). The quest is then completed. Dell gives you the Logar pants, which is the last piece of the set.


So Milaya was not abandoned, but was sent away so she could survive. What a awful thing...

When Milaya grows up, I will tell her. She still thinks her parents are alive, and that she will see them one day... I do not think it proper to disappoint her like this so early in her young life.

As for her necklace, I will give it to Milaya. She will see it as a vague substitiute for her parents, as it is the only item they left for her.

Thank you for your hard work... I will ensure that people will know of your heroism.

- Dell


* Experience: 218

  • TP: 21
  • Money: 422

Equipment (choice of one):

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