6.5.6 The Moorlands of Farsitan

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The Moorlands of Farsitan
10 May 2016

It's time once again! An untouched region waits to be explored by you.

The Moorlands of Farsitan has got plenty in store:

  • The maximum level of 95 has been extended to 97.
  • There are two instances available this time around, in which there are numerous enemies waiting to be challenged in battle.
  • In the Madro Troll Nest, there are shamans waiting to attack you with their voodoo arts and other dark magic. There's a total of 5 bosses to defeat here.
  • It then gets truly eerie in the Raven Heart. Here you will meet corpse parts, disembodied souls and the undead. A double boss and a five-headed boss group also make for an increased difficulty level.
  • If you have mastered these challenges, at the end of both instances you will then face a Forsaken. Using the might of the void, they are particularly powerful and dangerous.

Don't delay! Grab your weapon and storm fearlessly into an adventure!

Your perseverance will pay off!