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5.0.6 - Snowflake Festival

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5.0.6 - Snowflake Festival
20 December 2012

The winter is coming. As the icy winds gust in from the North, the citizens of Taborea are wrapping up warm to prepare for a bitter winter. In Varanas, the local gossip is that this Christmas could be the coldest in over a decade. There are even rumors about sightings of giant Snowmen approaching the city, although it’s probably just a far-fetched fairytale.

In these cold times we must keep in mind that winter isn’t just about harsh weather and thick snow. It’s also about gathering around the fire and telling stories, spending time with your loved ones and getting some well deserved rest after a whole year of adventure. Let’s share the winter joy together with our latest update – Patch 5.0.6 – Snowflake Festival.

Join us and take part in a whole host of different activities – look for reindeers, deliver gifts or even go sledging down a snowy hill. It’s up to you what you’ll be doing, but no matter what you choose, we hope that you’ll like what Taborea has to offer during winter.

Have a great time and watch out for those snowmen!