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The Warrior

Warrior class information

Typical Warrior appearance
Warrior in combat

The following races can choose the Warrior class: HumanElfDwarf

RoM website description

"Dominating the Battlefield"

Warriors feel most comfortable in the thick of things - be it in battle or at the tavern. They meet every challenge with courage and a loyal blade.

Combat Role

Warriors are a melee-based damage dealing class. They have stronger AOE damage potential than other melee classes, and wear chain armor. Warriors also have some skills to allow them to hold aggro, which can make them a suitable off-tank, but this class is not focused on tanking like the Knight.

Class Summary

  Combat Roles: Melee DPS
  Combat Resource: Rage
  Best Armor Type: Chain
  Best Primary Weapon Type: 2-H Sword • 2-H Axe • 2-H Hammer
  Best Ranged Weapon Type: none

Attributes (Character Stats)

Primary Attribute

  • Strength (Strength increases physical attack power, which is your primary focus as a Warrior.)

Other Important Attributes

  • Dexterity (Dexterity increases physical accuracy, as well as giving a slight boost to your dodge rate.)

All classes need Stamina to increase their HP. Dungeon bosses often have area attacks that can kill players who neglect this stat.

Stat Values Gained from Equipment

values shown for 1 point of each stat - see Attributes for more details

Strength Dexterity Stamina Intelligence Wisdom
  • 2.0 PATK
  • 0.2 HP

  • 0.9 PACC
  • 0.8 PDR

  • 5.0 HP
  • 2.3 PDEF

  • 1.0 MP
  • 2.0 MATK

  • 5.0 MP
  • 2.2 MDEF
  • 0.9 MACC

Base Attributes

Strength: 14 • Dexterity: 12 • Stamina: 13 • Intelligence: 5 • Wisdom: 6

Equipment Available

More info

Warrior Skills
Warrior Elite Skills
Warrior Item-Set Skills