Warden Elite Skills

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Note: Wardens cannot have Knight or Priest as their sub-class.

Classicon warden druid.png Warden / Druid[edit | edit source]


This combo class cold be some rolls: Tank/Healer (Spirit of the Oak), Healer/Support (Nature Crystal) or Magic DPS (Oak Walker). The Remove Curse ability is a good preventative measure for your allies, and Quick Reflexes increases your pet's ability to not be critically hit, if at all. Earth Spirit Essence empowers your weapon, making your melee attacks more powerful. Natural Spring allows your Charged Chop to provide HP restoration to you and your allies. Crystal Heal, heals allies within a small range. Connection allows your pet healing ability to also increase its damage for 60 seconds.

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ward new15-5.png Remove Curse 15 150 MP Instant 10 seconds 150 Removes curse from target. -
Skill ward new20-3.png Magic Control 20 30 energy Instant 45 180 Restricts target's magic energy. Decreases target's Magical Attack Power by 2.0% for 20.0 seconds. +0.16% per level
Skill ward new25-7.png Quick Reflexes 25 - - - - Increases Critical Physical Resistance of yours and your pet's by 200.0 and Dodge by 2.0%. ?
Skill dru new30-1.png Earth Spirit Essence 30 30 MP, 8% MP Instant - Self Cloaks your weapon in the power of earth. Normal attacks inflict 100.0 earth damage, and 2.0% Physical Damage is resisted for 900.0 seconds. +10 per level
Skill dru new35-1.png Natural Spring 35 - Charged Chop 8 seconds Self It heals the party members within the range of 75 while casting Charged Chop. -
Skill ward new40-2.png Connection 40 - Elven Prayer 60 seconds (Elven Prayer) - Your Elven Prayer can bestow an additional spell onto you and your pet, increasing Physical Damage and Magical Damage by 10% for 60.0 seconds. -
Skill ward new45-3.png Blade of Protection 45 20 MP Instant 7 seconds 50 An attack with the Power to Protect. Inflicts 70.0% main hand weapon DPS. Upon hitting a target it may increase the Physical Defense of party members within a radius of 70 by 1.0% for 10.0 seconds. (Increases the Physical Defense by a maximum of 10.0%.) +4.2% per level
Elite Skill - Warden-Druid 50 - Thorn Sigil.png Thorn Sigil 50 35 MP Instant 25 seconds 150 Forces the target to turn towards you, and you become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 10% in the next 15 seconds. -
Skill ward dru60.png Briar Control 60 - - - - Your Briar Shield increases your Healing and Received Healing. Every time you use Thorn Sigil, you earn a shield that is 5% of Maximum HP. -
Skill ward dru70.png Beast Awakening 70 ? Instant ? Self Increases Maximum HP by 20% and lasts for 12 seconds. When Blade of Protection hits, reduces Beast Awakening cooldown time. -

Classicon warden mage.png Warden / Mage[edit | edit source]


A melee oriented, fairly eclectic class combo as the elites offer abilities to various pets. For example, Tough Oak gives a shortened cool down to the skill Punch from the Spirit of the Oak, while Spiritual Feedback enhances the power of your Oak Walker. Narrow Escape is a coveted ability to instantly rebirth your pet after it dies.

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ward new15-4.png Wind Chop 15 20 MP Instant 50 Inflicts 90.0% main hand weapon DPS. Each successful hit has an additional chance of inflicting 20.0 wind damage. +6.74% an +10.3 per level
Skill ward new20-5.png Tough Oak 20 Increases your pet's Physical Defense by 5.0% and reduces Cooldown from Punch and Sepal Stab by 1 second.

The maximum level of this skill is 50.

+1.0% per level
Skill ward new20-1.png Oak Blessing 25 During the effect time of Heart of the Oak, increases your Physical Attack Power by 5.0% and restores your HP by 1.0% every 3 seconds.
Skill mag new30-1.png Nature's Revenge 30 Enhances your Nature Crystal's defense skills.
Skill mag new35-1wm.png Spiritual Feedback 35 Enhances the power of your Oak Walker. When your skill delivers a critical hit, the attack power of the Oak Walker's Sepal Stab will be greatly enhanced.
Skill mag new40-1wm.png Crystal Protection 40 Instant Orders your Nature Crystal to protect team members by wrapping them in its shards. Reduces the Received Physical Damage and Received Magical Damage of multiple friendly targets by 20%* within a radius of 100. The effect lasts for 10 seconds. +1% per level
Skill ward new45-2.png Narrow Escape 45 Instant 20 minutes Lets your pet be reborn after death.
Skill ward new50-3.png Pet Enhance 50 3% MP Instant 2 minutes Temporarily enhances your pet, increasing its Physical Attack Power and Physical Damage by 30.0% for 30.0 seconds.
Skill ward mag60.png Resonation of Wind 60 When your Wind Chop hits a target and triggers Wind Damage, this will reduce your Power of the Oak cooldown time by 5 seconds.
Skill ward mag70.png Wild Offensive 70 Makes your Explosion of Power increase the pet's Physical Attack Speed and reduces the cooldown time of Explosion of Power.

Classicon warden thief.png Warden / Rogue[edit | edit source]


A mix favoring the Oak Walker pet. Thorn Upgrade increases your Thorny Vines ability, providing a good source of damage over time. Soul of the Spirit Tree not only increases Power of the Wood Spirit, but increases its critical chance when the target reaches a low amount of health. Store Power causes your Charged Chop to have an even greater amount of damage, and Critical Feeling gives you a flat-out chance to deliver critical hits. Together delivers a huge amount of damage instantly, and then increases your damage overall for a short time after.

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ward new15-6.png Achilles' Heel Strike 15 30 energy Instant 2 seconds 50 Attacks the target's Achilles' heel. Inflicts 80.0.0% main hand weapon DPS, and it has a chance of increasing both your pet's and your Critical Physical Hit Rate 20.0 points for 15.0 seconds.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 25.0 seconds.)

+4.8% and +1.2 per level
Skill ward new20-6.png Thorn Upgrade 20 Increases damage done by thorny vines and has a chance of restoring your mana when the effect ends.
Skill ward new25-4.png Gravel Attack 25 30 energy Instant 6 seconds 50 Inflicts 90.0% main hand weapon DPS on target. It also additionally deals 6.0 earth damage every 2 seconds for 6.0 seconds. +5% and +3 per level
Skill thi new30-1.png Soul of the Spirit Tree 30 Increases the damage inflicted by Power of the Wood Spirit. When the target's HP reaches 30%, the critical hit chance of the Wood Spirit increases by 15%.
Skill thi new35-1wt.png Store Power 35 Slightly increases the damage of your Charged Chop, and also increases its critical hit rate by 10%.
Skill thi new40-1wt.png Critical Feeling 40 If your Oak Walkers' skill successfully hits its target, there is a chance of your next 2 attacks within 15.0 seconds being critical hits.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 30.0 seconds.)

Skill ward new45-5.png Walker Spirit 45 Instant 3 minutes Awakens the spirit of the Oak Walker within you, temporarily increasing your movement speed by 50.0% and dodge rate by 50.0% for 10.0 seconds. No.
Skill ward new50-5.png Together 50 50 energy Instant 2 minutes 50 Immediately inflicts 300.0% main hand weapon DPS to your target and simultaneously increases the damage dealt by you and your pet by 10.0% for 15.0 seconds. ?
Skill ward thi60.png Force Fountain 60 While your Heart of the Oak is in effect, it causes an additional increase in Strength.
Skill ward thi70.png Enemy Sigil 70 Inflicts Enemy Sigil on target and makes your Charged Chop, Power of the Wood Spirit, Achilles' Heel Strike and Gravel Attack cause additional Strength damage.

Classicon warden ranger.png Warden / Scout[edit | edit source]


A unique combination in that one of the elite skills is the ability to earn a new pet! Able to pull enemies out of a group with Anti-Magic Arrow, it also provides mana regeneration. Beast Tamer flat out increases your pet's critical hit and dodge chance. Secret Agreement allows your weapon damage to be boosted, along with your centaur pet to have increased damage overall. Morale Boost increases your allies damage for a short time. Sacrifice is a convenient life-saver, although it expends a great ally in the process.

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ward new15-2.png Anti-Magic Arrow 15 30 focus Instant 6 seconds 50 Inflicts 70.0% ranged weapon DPS and has a chance of restoring 25.0 of your mana. (Requires ranged weapon.) +4.2% and +5 per level
Skill ward new20-2.png Beast Tamer 20 Increase your pet's Critical Physical Hit Rate by 30.0 points and Dodge by 35.0 points. +6.6 and +4.38 per level
Skill ward new25-2.png Untamable 25 40 focus Instant 4 seconds 50 Inflicts 100%.0% main hand weapon DPS on the target. +6% per level
Skill ran new30-1.png Summon Chiron the Centaur 30 15% MP 8 seconds Summons the centaur Chiron to help you in battle.
Skill ran new30-2.png Centaur's Arrow 30 20 energy 2 seconds 250 An arrow infused with the strength of centaurs. Inflicts 305.0 physical damage on the target. If missed, it will increase your Critical Physical Hit Rate by 200.0 until it delivers a critical hit.

(Right-click to initiate automatic attack)

+8.4 and +200 per level
Skill ran new35-1wr.png Secret Agreement 35 Permanently increases your melee weapon damage by 5.0% and all damage caused by Chiron the Centaur by 5.0%. +0.3% and +0.6% per level
Skill ran new40-1wr.png Morale Boost 40 35 focus Instant 1 minute, 30 seconds Temporarily increases your and your party members’ Physical Damage by 30.0 + 2.0% and Magical Damage by 20.0 + 2.0% for 30.0 seconds. +2.1, +.14%, +1.4 and +.14% per level
Skill ward new45-1.png Valiant Shot 45 30 energy 2 seconds 6 seconds 250 Inflicts 45.0 physical damage and increases the Physical Attack Power of pet and master by 8.0% for 15.0 seconds.

(After the effect has ended it cannot be triggered again for 25.0 seconds.)
(Chiron Centaur PetSkill Right-click to initiate automatic attack)

+8.1 per level
Skill ward new50-2.png Sacrifice 50 Instant 3 minutes Sacrifices your pet to restore 50.0% HP and 50.0% MP. However, your pet will be exhausted and unable to move for 30.0 seconds.
Skill ward ran60.png Forest Surround 60 Increases Chiron the Centaur's casting speed by 50%
Skill ward ran70.png Wind-piercing Arrow 70 When the Centaur's Arrow of Chiron the Centaur hits, it will increase the caster's Physical Attack Speed by 5%. Can be stacked a maximum of 5 times.

Classicon warden warrior.png Warden / Warrior[edit | edit source]


This is the warden tanking specialist. Resilience of Life grants the ability to equip plate armor. Double Chop, Beast Attack and Pulse Mastery provide aggro generation, while Feral Leader suppresses the aggro of other party members. Ire is a single-target taunt. Immortal Power is a second immune in addition to Heart of the Oak.

Icon Skill Name Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Range Skill Effect Upgrade
Skill ward new15-1.png Double Chop 15 10 MP Instant 3 seconds 50 Inflicts 60.0%* main hand weapon DPS twice.

(Each skill level adds to aggro)

+3.3% per level
Skill ward new20-4.png Beast Chop 20 20 rage Instant 7 seconds 50 Inflicts 90.0% main hand weapon DPS and a Beast Sigil for 7.0 seconds.

(Each skill level adds to aggro)

+5.4% per level
Skill ward new25-1.png Ire 25 35 MP Instant 30 Seconds 50 Forces the target to turn towards you, and you become the one with the most aggro. Also increases your aggro by 5.0%.
Skill war new30-1.png Immortal Power 30 35 MP, 2% MP Instant 2 minutes Immortal power flows from the deepest recesses of your being. You can withstand Received Physical Damage and Received Magical Damage three times over the course of 15.0 seconds.
Skill war new35-1wf.png Pulse Mastery 35 20 rage Instant 50 You can only cast it on targets with a Beast Sigil. Causes 110.0% main weapon DPS to the target and for 15.0 seconds aggro created by attacks is increased by 10.0%. +6.6% per level
Skill war new40-1wf.png Resilience of Life 40 Allows you to equip plate armor, and also reduces the damage received from monsters by 5%.
Skill ward new45-4.png Will Attack 45 When your Frantic Briar hits the target, it will reduce the damage dealt by target by 10.0% for 10.0 seconds.
Skill ward new50-1.png Coat of Arms 50 35MP, 2%MP Instant 3 minutes 200 When you cast Coat of Arms on a friendly party member, it increases your and the friendly member's Physical Defense and Magical Defense by 30.0% for 20.0 seconds.
Skill ward war60.png Elf Blessing 60 When Elven Guidance is used, it causes an increase of the caster's Physical Defense and recovers HP every second.
Skill ward war70.png Feral Leader 70 300 MP Instant 3 minutes Increases your inflicted damage by 50% for 30 seconds. Also reduces damage by 30% and reduces aggro for your party members.