Taffrock Southern District

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In the southern part of Taffrock, players will find the first instance available to the Shadowforge Dwarves. Dwarven researchers are workng tirelessly to free their kinsmen from their suspended animation. Your challenge is to provide any support necessary to help them succeed.

There are multiply of quest for this straight forward quest.


Nadil Steelaxis- To find a scout named Boilin Ironcauldron

Boilin Ironcauldron- gather 7 tribesman statue Sinther Shadowrule- to save King Asomanson IV and Princess Morfantas. Sinter is gives you a hp buff that lasts for 30minutes. Dannol peacetree- Provide shelter that to kill devoured Consolidate Vangaurd- kill Apparition then place crystals in golden dotted areas.then turn it into Kayya Antsz.Bold text


Wandering Carapace-619hp Foul Orc warrior-608-763 hp Devourer- 619hp Dark terror- 851 hp Cursed Apparition- 799- 869hp Dark gargoyle- 3,090 hp

Boss fight The Dark gargoyle is a lvl 13 elite who is a dps. It would to be good it everyone is +12 or higher to fight him. The group could be 2- 4 people. It would be easier if you have a priest in the party. Tank should keep the gargoyle on him but once in a while he will take someone else so be ready when that happens. When you get the elite to 7% hp he will run away. This is the time to get the Princess Morfantas statue. Now wait for a bit and there should be a crystal ball that will appear. It's where the gargoyle was standing and this is your loot. The best part is that everyone gets the loot, so no fighting over. That's it for the instance simple and easy.