Splitwater Coast

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Map of Splitwater Coast
Icon - Splitwater Coast.png
Zone Information
Continent Kolydia
Type Public Outdoor
Patch (6.4.0)
Level Range 92 to 95
Connecting Zones Moorlands of Farsitan
ResourcesRainbow Stone [RP], Snow Grass [RP], Fire Mountain Tree [RP], Moon Grass [RP], Bald Fir Wood [RP], Sea Crystal [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs ObjectsPOIs
The Splitwater Coast is infested with pirates, Kobolds and savage Tiktaaliks. And what's behind this conspiracy of ravens?

- from us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com

Best route from Varanas to Splitwater Coast: Direct, via Snoop Portal, to Splitwater Coast (Brinewind Castle), for 10,000Gold .

To get here the first time you can talk to Daris in the Varanas Class Hall.