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Level 10-20
Instances Forsaken Abbey
Bloody Gallery
Hall of Survivors
Capitol Varanas
Races Human
Subzones Tagena
Forsaken Abbey
Twilight Mine
Lake of Magic Mist
Oblivion Shrine
The Hall of Survivors
Peerston Farm
Maidge's Farm
Dorian's Farm

The Silverspring Plain

The Silverspring plain has always been important farmland and even ore mining has taken place here before. The name Silverspring was supposedly chosen to reflect the abundance of this place's natural resources.

But in reality the name was first mentioned on a map, which was left behind by alchemists. In alchemy silver represents the magical essence, and so Silverspring is an indicator of ancient magic, of which remains can still be found there.

It is this magic that the Eye of Wisdom is after. In order to be close to it, the Eye of Wisdom moved from the old continent of Kolydia to Varanas - the city that holds sway over the Silverspring plain.

Peers farm, Maidges farm, Dorians farm

These three farms are important life veins of Varanas. Unfortunately a short while ago a disease broke out, which lead to a less magnificent harvest then previous years. Even so, the savants of the Eyes of Wisdom work busily on a solution for this pesky and urging problem.

Forsaken Abbey

Built some 70 years ago, the abbey had to be abandoned 40 years later. Once it was used by an ominous organization, which, while keeping its identity secret, has worked alongside the Eye of Wisdom on forbidden magical experiments.

30 years ago an accident happened and almost completely annihilated the organization. After this incident the abbey was abandoned. Now the interior has become a fearsome place with hordes of restless Undead wandering around.

Twilight Mine

The Twilight Mine was once brimming with ore and highly significant for the trade of Varanas. But when the rare material was almost completely depleted, the original trading company moved to the Quicksand Canyon to tap new resources. It evolved into today's Order of the Dark Glory.

Nowadays only a few profitable ore veins remain, which are guarded by giant spiders lurking in the depth. In addition to that devious raiders prowl around the area, so normal people shun the place.

Lake of Magic Mist

In between the Twilight Mine and Tagena lies a lake. On bright days the light glimmers on its surface and dancing sun rays amaze passers by. When water vapor ascends from the deep it is covered by haze - thin like a veil, a perfect dream. This natural spectacle gave the lake its name.

Once dusk settles and the last sun rays shine through the vapor, a golden belt begins to shimmer. On an island in the lake's middle looms an old cottage, which was build by a hermit. It is said that he was once a magician who worked on behalf of the Eye of Wisdom. Nobody knows for sure why he decided to retire and live a secluded life there.


This area covers the remains of an ancient, monumental city, whose splendor was lost long ago and only ruins attest to its former glory. Apart from some isolated platforms, the whole city was erected on level ground. The decayed vestiges of the once majestic city wall glimmer tentatively through the prevailing monotony emanating from this place. Savants believe that the tremendous outward appearance of the wall greatly exceeds its meaning.

Monstrous guardians tirelessly patrol the city's ruins. It is obvious though that the thing they are watching over is already destroyed and only their unconscious protective instinct is driving them. Maybe there is a connection to the nearby gates though. Nobody so far has been able to open them…

The Hall of Survivors

It is a monumental relict, which was leftover from the ancient civilization. It is the opinion of scholars that there were many different paths leading to this place from every direction, making it easy for all to gather here. Now these massive doors, which lead from Tagena to the Hall of Survivors, are closed. Nobody can pass through them…

Oblivion Shrine

In Tagena lay the ruins of a hall, of which all four walls collapsed long ago. Only the foundation with it stone masonry work in the classic style and the toppled pillars remain. It is a bright and spacious place, and one can feel a sense of past glory through the waft of mist. Outside of the Hall ruins there are huge guards who relentlessly patrol the grounds.

It is obvious that what they once protected was destroyed long ago, and they are now only driven by their unconscious protective instinct.

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