Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom

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Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom

Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

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Requirements[edit | edit source]

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Mole King[edit | edit source]

The Mole King is more or less a simple “tank and spank”. He will occasionally burrow and pop back up at different locations within a few feet of your group. He also spawns a few adds that can be dealt with hastily. Nothing special in this fight.

The Cook[edit | edit source]

There are a few main attacks to be aware of with the cook: Triple Cut and his 10 minute freeze. Have your tank position the cook at the top of the short stairs leading into his kitchen. Have your casters at about 150m from this position. To handle Triple Cut: it is not instacast: simply have your melee back up a few paces (or run backwards like a pansy until cast is up- either works!). Freeze debuff: Simply assign two people to be the “dethaw crew”. I recommend one dps the offtank. Have one person be the “primary de-thawer”. The secondary “dethawer” only worries if the primary gets frozen. He should be receiving a heal every time he runs back to dethaw someone as it is a full-time job during this fight and this individual will be taking about 2-3k damage every time he touches the oven. To dethaw a target simply run to the oven, get burned (should deal about 2k damage to you) and run over to the frozen teammate. Rinse and repeat.

Icebound Guardian[edit | edit source]

This is the fun one. There are two main attacks to be concerned about here: Rune Strike and an AoE attack. The AoE occurs when a “Warning” message appears in the chat log talking about “power unstable, etc”. The Rune Strike is dodge in the same manner as the cook’s triple cut: backstep. The AoE phase involves you running counter-clockwise into little blue runic circles. You pick up a 5 second buff that makes you immune to the AoE as you run to the next circles. These circles disappear though on a timer so you need to get in sync with their rotation: think Mega Man 2 and the little floating blocks. Below: IBG= keep the guardian where he spawns so he doesn’t hinder your view of the circles. Blue circles = the runic circle locations.

The Nails: Dwarf King[edit | edit source]

This fight just involves killing three dwarves 1 at a time each with their own little debuffs. Nothing here too nasty. Just a few tips: I’d suggest using your cds at the start of the first guy to take out the massive amount of adds that spawn. It’s essential to keep your top aoe dpsers up in this part. Once you get through the first part, it isn’t terribly challenging.

Pangkor[edit | edit source]

Before fighting this guy you need to clear the room of the six Earth Giant Guards. You basically kill them one at a time until all six are dead. Again, either bum rush and kill each one ASAP or aggro and drop LoS until they finish casting.

This boss is pretty easy. The only things you need to watch for are the adds that he summons. He will periodically make 2-3 earth elementals that need to be killed. It's best to either have a mage or two to AoE them down or have your DPS drop off the boss and kill them before focusing back on the boss. He also AoEs in front of him (think it's cone shape) so group healing is going to be required to keep single-target DPS up.

The only other thing you need to know for him is that he applies a stackable debuff to the party that lowers your attack/casting speed. Either you can just deal with it and continue fighting until it's gone or rotate party members. Basically, you have 1-2 people run away and drop out of combat and then re-enter combat. When you drop from combat the buff goes away. When they get back you have 1-2 more people do the same thing. Truth be told, the debuff is more of an annoyance than anything. So it really depends on the gear level of the party as to whether you try and remove it or ignore it completely.

Thynos[edit | edit source]

Hands down the hardest boss in the instance. However, if fought properly he really isn't that terribly hard. First of all, this boss does not move from his initial starting spot. He will turn to face whoever has aggro but he isn't going to do any chasing. Having said that, the most important part of this boss is to make sure that you stay inside the lava. If you don't do this and you step out of it for more than about half a second he casts burnout and does around 50k flat-damage to everyone.

The best way to fight him is to have the tank run in and pick up aggro and then get behind him. This way the rest of the party is facing his back and they won't get hit by his cone-shaped frontal AoE's.

The second most important thing is that he is going to periodically place a 6 second debuff on random party members. It makes you look like a mini-fire elemental when it is up. When this debuff wears off a mini-fire elemental will spawn in the spot you were at and you will return to normal. The problem is that this mini-fire elemental that spawns where you were when the debuff went off does around 10-15 pct HP damage per tick to anyone that gets too close to it. It ticks very fast so if you stand in it for 3-4 seconds you're probably going to die. The best way to deal with this problem is to have people that get the debuff to move toward the edge of the big lava pool, wait until it wears off and then move back to the middle of the pool ASAP. The hard part is making sure that everyone is coordinated enough and paying attention such that none of these "mini's" end up spawning right in the middle of the lava.

The only other issue is that he will intermittently cast AoE fear. It's important to know where the mini's are so that you can be ready to move in the right direction when the fear wears off. It's also important to try and spread your mini fire ele's out so that you don't end up getting feared into 2-3 of them (you're going to die if this happens). All of that aside the boss is tank/spank.

The hard part is DPSing him down before too many mini's are placed around the lava, giving you nowhere to move when you get feared. Granted, the mini's disappear after a minute or two.