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Magic Pets[edit | edit source]

The Pet Hunters, around the world of runes of magic will train you on capturing and raising magic pets.

  • Matt Sorrun is located in Logar in Howling Mountains across the music man.
  • Kelt Sorrun is located in the Trade Square of the Obsidian Stronghold.
  • A pet hunter is located in Kandor in Southern Janos Forest next to the auction house.
  • Hammer Sorrun is located in the Valley of Preparation next to the auction house.
  • A pet hunter is located in Heffner Camp, near the House Maid, in Coast of Opportunity

Item Shop Pets[edit | edit source]

Item Shop Pets in Runes of Magic are for vanity purposes. They will follow a player around however they will not attack or help out in combat. Many pets are obtainable from the item shop for diamonds and can be bought for a period of 7 days, 30 days or permanently.

Pets that give buffs[edit | edit source]

These Pets will give a 2 hour buff the first time you summon them each day. the buff timer includes offline time, and they can only buff you once a day. all but the frogs can be bought from the Ruby Shop for 300 Rubies each. also, like the Item Shop pets above, they will not help in combat.
all but the frogs will give you a buff that increases you EXP from battle, TP from battle, and drop rate by 20%. the frogs give a buff that increase your drop rate by 10%.