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Patch Notes 5.0.5 Autumn Banquet
27 November 2012

New Content

  • Autumn Banquet
  • Adjustments to Karros Canyon battlefield
  • Level 60/70 Dwarf Elite Skills

Mistakes/Bugs that were corrected & Changes


  • Itemshop item Application Form for a Custom Title: this item can be used properly now.
  • Armor - Fine Cotton Hand Wraps: Now it can be properly dyed.
  • The type of the following items has been adjusted:
  • Commando Metal Earring: changed from “Plate” to “Accessory”.
  • Commando Chain Earring: Changed from “Chain” to “Accessory”
  • Commando Leather Earrings: Changed from “Leather” to “Accessory”.
  • Commando Robe Earrings: Changed from “Cloth” to “Accessory”
  • Fusion Stone & Purified Fusion Stone: New description has been added to the item descriptions. The target equipment will disappear after being placed into the Arcane Transmutor for fusing.
  • Level 25 Skill Training Certificate & Level 35 Skill Training Certificate: The following sentence has been added to the item descriptions: (This certificate is only recognized by the instructors in Heffner Camp and Morfantas City.)
  • Chime Wood Guitar: The type of this main hand weapon has been changed from 2-H Hammer to 1-H Hammer.


  • Charged Chop <Scout/Warden>: Now casting this spell doesn’t require equipping ranged weapon.
  • The skill descriptions of the following skills have been adjusted:
  • Warp Flash <Warlock/Mage>: The skill descriptions reads now: Warp Charge inflicts an extra 0.40 x INT magical damage and when the skill hits, it raises the Physical Attack Speed and Casting Speed of nearby party members.
  • Psychic Flash <Warlock/Mage>: The skill description reads now: Psychic Arrows and Weakening Weave Curse can cause an extra 0.40 x INT magical damage.
  • Warp Charge <Warlock/Mage>: The skill description reads now: Inflicts 70 Dark Damage and 0.40 x INT Magical Damage on the enemy. Also increases caster's and nearby party members' Physical Attack Speed by 4% and Casting Speed by 2%. Lasts 20 seconds.
    • If target is in a Weakened state, then inflicted damage is increased by 25%. (This skill stat will increase and decrease based on equipment and target strength)
  • Soul Stab <Rogue/Warlock>: The skill description reads now: Inflicts 130% + 0.20 x Dexterity main hand weapon Magical Damage DPS on the target. If target is in a Weakened state then they will receive 150% + (0.30) x Dexterity main hand weapon Magical Damage DPS.
  • Ghostly Strike <Rogue/Warlock>: The skill description reads now: Inflicts 825% + 0.30 x Dexterity main hand weapon Magical Damage DPS and carries a Weakened effect. (This skill stat will increase and decrease based on equipment and target strength)
  • Charged Power <Scout/Warden>: The skill description reads now: Your Charged Chop can be activated from a distance, but cooldown is changed to 15 seconds and it also causes a Knockdown effect.
  • Cross-Domain Discipline <Scout/Mage>: the skill description reads now: Allows you to equip a staff. When hitting a target with your Wind Arrows, there is a chance that it will carry (40 + 0.1 * INT) wind damage.
  • Revival <Rogue/Warden>: The skill description reads now: While in a Wound Patch state, each time you receive physical or magic attack you can stack a Revival effect. Effect can be stacked a maximum of 10 times. Actively using Revival makes you recover HP by 50%.


  • Secret Help - Now the correct message will be displayed when the quest has been completed: You sense the sharpened eyesight of Logden Darkstove bearing down on you...
  • The way to obtain the title Dependable Gentleman has been changed: When the player completed the quest, he can obtain the title after talking to Logden Darkstove
  • Dragonfang Ridge: Now a message will be displayed when player clicks on the Brown Backpack: “Previous Quest: Defeat the Dwarf Defenders”.
  • No Dirt, No Mischief - Lump of Dirt: Now it can be stacked.
  • Foul Smoking Mound - Mud Sample: Now it can be stacked.
  • Daily Quests in Yrvandis Hollows
  • No.1 Chef Assistant:
    • The number of the recipients has been changed from 5 to 15.
    • The duration of Stewed Snake Meat delivery has changed from 20 to 30 seconds.
    • The casting time of giving the food has been changed from 1 to 3 seconds.
  • Temperature Control:
    • The number of the pyres, which need adding wood has been changed from 5 to 10.
    • The casting duration of adding wood has been changed from 3 to 5 seconds.
    • The cooldown time of adding wood has been changed from 15 to 30 seconds.


  • Video Settings – Resolution: The resolution settings interface will now disappear after “Cancel” or “Confirm” has been pressed.
  • Rage Mana <Mage/Warrior> : The amount of damage increase will be shown in the character stats.
  • Now when a Dwarf’s primary class reaches level 10, a message will be displayed, reminding the player of getting the second class in Morfantas City.
  • Wound Patch <Rogue/Warden>: now the combat log will be only recorded once.
  • Warden Pet summoning: Summon Spirit of the Oak, Summon Oak Walker & Summon Nature Crystal: Now when player summons another pet without using Recall Pet to dismiss the current pet, the pet’s passive effects will be removed.
  • Arbitrator of Fate: Now the special effect will be properly displayed during the upgrade progress.
  • Now player will get the Ancient Disciple Illusion Potion after talking to Mishlor.
  • Removed the Alliance Soldier in the game.
  • Enchanted Throw <Rogue/Mage>: Now the magical attack will trigger reflected damage and Retaliation Resistance.
  • Lightning Spell <Warrior/Warlock>: An attacking movement will be played when this skill is cast.
  • Now the icons of the following additional attributes will be correctly displayed when the Equipment Attribute-purifying stone is used to open the equipment purification interface.
    • Strength XIV
    • Stamina XIV
    • Intellect XIV
    • Spirit XIV
    • Dexterity XIV
    • Command XIV
    • Solidity XIV
    • Energy XIV
    • BarricadeXIV
    • Life XIV
    • Spell XIV
    • Power XIV
    • Physique XIV
    • Knowledge XIV
    • Purity XIV
    • Stormstrike XIV
    • Attack XIV
    • Custodian XIV
    • Acumen XIV
    • Growth XIV
    • Capability XIV
    • Wizardry XIV
    • Speed X
    • Fang X
    • Reflex X
    • Agility X
    • Precision X
    • Observance X
    • Illusion X
    • Illumine X
    • Genius X
    • Soul X
    • Ray X
    • Seclusion X
    • Force X
    • Oppression X
    • Authority X
    • Cougar X
    • Barbarian X
    • Defender X
    • Paladin X
    • Savage X
    • Fox X
    • Sage X
    • Monk X
    • Rigor X
    • Elder X
    • Expansion X
    • Blur X
    • Scholar X
    • Massif X
    • Thunder X
    • Hammer X
    • Ferocity X
    • Morale X
    • Rage X
    • Lumen X
    • Devour X
    • Grimoire X
    • Nimble X
    • Ire X
    • Guardian of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Guard of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Protection of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Defense of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Ability of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Power of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Fire of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Assault of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Swiftness of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Triumph of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Strength of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Transformation of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Demon of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Spell of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Void of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Illusion of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Secret of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Skill of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Complement of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Aid of Dragon Wilderness IX
    • Guardian of the Remains IX
    • Guard of the Remains IX
    • Protection of the Remains IX
    • Defense of the Remains IX
    • Destruction of the Remains IX
    • Annihilation of the Remains IX
    • Ability of the Remains IX
    • Power of the Remains IX
    • Fire of the Remains IX
    • Assault of the Remains IX
    • Fury of the Remains IX
    • Wind of the Remains IX
    • Swiftness of the Remains IX
    • Triumph of the Remains IX
    • Strength of the Remains IX
    • Transformation of the Remains IX
    • Core of the Remains IX
    • Heart of the Remains IX
    • Demon of the Remains IX
    • Spell of the Remains IX
    • Void of the Remains IX
    • Illusion of the Remains IX
    • Ice of the Remains IX
    • Frost of the Remains IX
    • Secret of the Remains IX
    • Skill of the Remains IX
    • Complement of the Remains IX
    • Aid of the Remains IX
    • Chill of the Remains IX
    • Cold of the Remains IX
    • Sun of the Remains IX
    • Moon of the Remains IX
    • Star of the Remains IX
    • Light of the Remains IX
    • Weeds of the Remains IX
    • Barbarity of the Remains IX
    • Fragment of the Remains IX
    • Stone of the Remains IX
    • Mystery of the Remains IX
    • Justice of the Remains IX
    • Strike of the Remains IX
    • Breakthrough of the Remains IX
    • Spirit of the Remains IX
    • Mountain of the Remains IX
    • Woods of the Remains IX
    • Forest of the Remains IX
    • Sea of the Remains IX
    • Tide of the Remains IX
    • Lake of the Remains IX
    • Water of the Remains IX
    • Furiousness of the Remains IX
    • Hallucination of the Remains IX
    • Detonation of the Remains IX
    • Promise of the Remains IX
    • Sanctity of the Remains IX
    • Keeper of the Remains IX
    • Safeguard of the Remains IX
    • Vengeance of the Remains IX
    • Hallucination of the Remains IX
    • Choice of the Remains IX
    • Control of the Remains IX
    • Pacification of the Remains IX
  • Miller's Ranch:
    • The option “Tricks on capturing a Magic Cavy” has been added to the dialogue with Pykesile.
  • Dangerous Mission in Coast of Opportunity: Now the Stone Pillar Crack won’t automatically restore HP.
  • Zodiac pet:
    • Adult zodiac pet - Star Amulet of Talent: given TP bonus has been changed from 5% to 30%.
    • Legendary zodiac pet - Star Amulet of Talent: given TP bonus has been changed from 10% to 40%.

Game event "Autumn Banquet"

  • Venue: Howling Mountains, Silverspring, Aslan Valley, Dust Devil Canyon, Elven Island, Thunderhoof Hills, Tergothen Bay
  • Event NPCs: Varanas, Silverspring, Dalanis, Kingdom of Lechif
  • Number of Events: 10
  • All event times given are CET (Server Time). For GMT, subtract 1 hour.

Food collection

  • Event type: supply of goods
  • Start of the event: Varanas Bridge
  • Venue: Farms in Silverspring
  • Aim of the event: Collect foodbags from the farms and deliver to the Bridge at Varanas

Lost ostrich egg

  • Event type: detection of objects
  • Start of the event: Varanas Bridge
  • Venue: Silverspring, Twilight Mine
  • Aim of the event: The ostrich eggs have to be tracked down and brought back.

Fall Banquet Event questline

  • Event type: supply of goods
  • Start of the event: Varanas Central Plaza
  • Venues: Varanas, Logar
  • Aim of the event: items must be delivered

Colorful prayer

  • Event type: gathering items
  • Start of the event: Dalanis
  • Venue: Thunderhoof Hills
  • Aim of the event: Feed the Ostriches & pluck their feathers


  • Type the events: dodge objects
  • Start of the event: Kingdom of Lechif
  • Venue: Dalanis
  • Time slot: 12:30, 15:30, 18:30, 21:30
  • Aim of the event: Avoid the Magic Compass (?)

Autumn caravan

  • Event type: management of NPC
  • Start of the event: Dorian's Farm, Silverspring
  • Venue: Dorian's Farm, Silverspring
  • Time slot: 11:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00
  • Aim of the event: All NPCs have to be performed. (Not sure of this without checking ingame)

Autumn feast

  • Event type: obtain buffs
  • Start of the event: Taborea
  • venue: Logar, Varanas, Silverfall, Obsidian Stronghold, Valley of Preparation, Dalanis
  • Aim of the event: Eating food from the Event Tables will give buffs. Some combinations can give titles.

Collect Cinnamon Leaves

  • Event type: collection of objects
  • Start of the event: Varanas
  • Venue: Taborea
  • Aim of the event: Trade collected items for rewards from NPC

Egg thief

  • Event type: gathering items
  • Start of the event: Varanas
  • venue: Silverspring
  • Aim of the event: Collecting and Exchanging items will earn a reward

Autumn code

  • Event type: Find the correct order of emotes
  • Start of the event: the entrance of Varanas
  • Venue: Entrance of Varanas
  • Aim of the event: By performing emotes, points will be earned (Could this be similar to "Pumpkinhead Says" ? )