Magical Purple Cloak

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Worth: 14Gold 
Dropped by:Recipe Sold by:

This item is created by Tailoring (9).

Tailoring (Production)
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Magical Purple Cloak
Magical Purple Cloak
Magical Purple Cloak
Tier 1
Requires Level 9
Cloth Cape
Worth: 14 Gold
(Randomly obtain additional attributes}

    Recipe - Magical Purple Cloak Recipe - Magical Purple Cloak
    Requires Tailoring level 9
    Raw Materials:
    Willow Timber Willow Timber x3
    Beetroot Bundle Beetroot Bundle x1
    Magical Purple Cloak Magical Purple Cloak
    Magical Purple Cloak Magical Purple Cloak
    Magical Purple Cloak Magical Purple Cloak

    Crafting Cost: 0Gold 
    Search: RoM-Welten dbZAMGoogle

    MMO devs frequently change the exact stats on an item, over the life of a game, to improve game balance, making inclusion of exact item stats in a wiki self-defeating. Our only concerns are where does it come from, how is it used/useful, and how do I get one?

    You can upload an image showing how this item appears in-game when used to File:Portrait - Magical Purple Cloak.jpg. Please remember to crop the image to avoid as much UI and non-relevant game background as possible, and it should be in JPG format.

    Versions of this item can be found with different levels of quality. Sometimes the higher-quality versions are dropped by specific mobs. More often, the higher-quality versions are exceptional crafting results from the base recipe. All versions will have the same worth, level, icon and appearance. The sole non-random differences will be in better combat and defense values.

    This item is part of an upgradable set. Each piece is craftable using Tailoring (9). Each piece's recipe requires the previous piece as an ingredient.
    1. Magical Purple Cloak Magical Purple Cloak
    2. Enhanced Magic Purple Cloak Enhanced Magic Purple Cloak