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POI Brace Left.pngLogarPOI Brace Right.png
Zone Howling Mountains
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Quest Series Howling Mountains
Snoop Portal.png
There is an Ailic's Community Transport Portal operated by Snoop the Stubborn, or an Ailic's Aide, located here that can bind you or transport you, for a small fee, to any of the following destinations which you have previously visited and unlocked:

The following Service NPCs can be found within this POI. To find your way to one, simply use World Search and enter the name, then follow the arrow.

For the past couple of years, Logar has been becoming more and more famous. Since the Council of Varanas decided to exploit the nearby mines, humans have performed some great wraith expulsions helped by the Eye of Wisdom. After the affirmation that the area was safe and sound for human settlement, a group of highly trained citizens were chosen to make this new region accessible.

Their leader was called Logar. In the battle against the demons he decided to protect his companions by sacrificing himself, falling alongside the demons he fought. As a reminder of his heroic deeds the settlement which was later founded bore his name. Logar’s younger brother is now the mayor of this town.

The settlement has a great windmill which grinds the corn of the neighboring farms. Because of the windmills importance in the everyday life of Logar’s citizens, it also became its landmark. It is common knowledge among all travelers that when the windmill can be seen, Logar lies directly ahead.


{{npclink|George||Mayor of Logar]]

Other Residents

Silk Mardia
Janet Glin
York Harris
Nonn Saffish
Uncle Kaga
Bardy Woods
Dimitar Windwhisper