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The Knight

Knight class information

Typical Knight appearance
Knight in combat

The following races can choose the Knight class: Human

RoM website description

"The Righteous Shield"

Upholding the divine law is the first duty of every Knight, and they travel the world in pursuit of this lofty goal, protecting the weak and ridding Taborea of the forces of evil.

Combat Role

Knights are a tanking class, and focus mainly on protecting their group from damage by holding the attention of enemies and being able to take the hits they dish out.

Class Summary

  Combat Roles: Tank
  Combat Resource: Mana
  Best Armor Type: Plate (with Shield)
  Best Primary Weapon Type: 1-H Hammer
  Best Ranged Weapon Type: none

Attributes (Character Stats)

Primary Attribute

  • Stamina (You will need a lot of health and defense to withstand the toughest attacks. Stamina provides both of these.)

Other Important Attributes

  • Wisdom (Wisdom provides an increased mana pool, increased mana regeneration, and magical defense.)
  • Strength (Strength provides physical attack. This will help your abilities hit harder, which increases your aggro generation.)

All classes need Stamina to increase their HP. Dungeon bosses often have area attacks that can kill players who neglect this stat.

Stat Values Gained from Equipment

values shown for 1 point of each stat - see Attributes for more details

Strength Dexterity Stamina Intelligence Wisdom
  • 1.5 PATK
  • 0.2 HP

  • 0.9 PACC
  • 0.8 PDR

  • 5.0 HP
  • 3.0 PDEF

  • 1.0 MP
  • 2.0 MATK
  • 0.5 PATK

  • 5.0 MP
  • 2.4 MDEF
  • 0.9 MACC

Base Attributes

Strength: 13 • Dexterity: 11 • Stamina: 14 • Intelligence: 11 • Wisdom: 11

Equipment Available

More info

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Knight Elite Skills
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