Investigate the Moongorge

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Investigate the Moongorge Justin

Travel deep into the Moongorge to investigate.

Investigate Moongorge

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The Eye of Wisdom came to Candara from the continent Kolydia to research the power of the Ancient Kingdoms and the Runes that were discovered here.

When I analyzed these two types of Newt liquid, I found that there are even more powers that exist in the Moongorge. This power seems to be similar to the elemental powers used by Priests and Mages.

But I've never heard of an elemental power that could be so violent and pure. If I tell this discovery to other Mages of the Eye of Wisdom, they will think that I've gone mad. They are too conservative... only thinking about Ancient Kingdoms and Runes... and treating other discoveries with contempt. If we hope to persuade them, then we must gather more evidence.

Can you get deep into Moongorge to investigate? I think you might find some unusual things there.

- Justin, Eye of Wisdom Researcher

Gossip[edit | edit source]

It is really... truly great discovery...

On Completion[edit | edit source]

Did you say that a strange yellow barrier deep in the Moongorge blocked your way?

It looks like this mysterious power doesn't want to attract any attention...

- Justin, Eye of Wisdom Researcher

Reward[edit | edit source]

  • Experience: 132
  • TP: 13
  • Money: 385
<< Newt's Liquid Investigate the Moongorge The Moongorge Discovery >>