Holy Flower

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[+] The Woodland of Qilana
 [+] The Qilana Camp
  [22] Holy Flower
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Simon
Icon - End Quest.png End: Simon

You need to be at least Level 20 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 14 to turn-in this quest.

Black Tree
The Woodland of Qilana
Quest Series
The Qilana Camp
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Goals: Holy Flower 0/1

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Obtain Holy Flower from a Valley Slob or Valley Stinker and bring it back to Simon in the Qilana Research Camp.


Do your eyes feel dry? Do your arms sting a bit? Has your back started to become stiff?

Hmm... Looks like no symptoms have appeared yet. Maybe you weren't affected by the magic of the Black Tree after all.

But as a precaution, you should find a plant called Holy Flower. I don't know where it grows, but sometimes Valley Slobs and Valley Stinkers carry some. You must get one.


Good this is it!

Let me prepare...


Experience: 2256
TP: 225
Money: 2165 Gold
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