Hero Potion

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Worth: 88Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 99
Recipe worth: 10Gold 

This item is created by Alchemy (47).

Alchemy (Production)
Icon - Hero Potion.png
Hero Potion
Requires Level 47
Worth: 88 Gold
Increases all attributes by 20% for 600.0 seconds.

Recipe - Hero Potion Recipe - Hero Potion
Requires Alchemy level 47
Raw Materials:
Blend Rune Blend Rune x1
Moon Silver Nugget Moon Silver Nugget x1
Sinners Palm Sap Sinners Palm Sap x3
Straw Mushroom Bundle Straw Mushroom Bundle x1
Philosopher's Egg Philosopher's Egg x1
Worth: 10 Gold
Hero Potion Hero Potion x1

As with all Alchemy Recipes, the Crafting Cost represents the cost of the glassware plus any cost to use the Crafting Station (as displayed on the Crafting UI).

The recipe for this potion can be looted from: Kal Turok King Myrmex.