Hero Potion

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Worth: 88Gold 
Recipe worth: 10Gold 

This item is created by Alchemy (47).

Alchemy (Production)
Icon - Hero Potion.png
Hero Potion
Requires Level 47
Worth: 88 Gold
Increases all attributes by 20% for 600.0 seconds.

    Recipe - Hero Potion Recipe - Hero Potion
    Requires Alchemy level 47
    Raw Materials:
    Blend Rune Blend Rune x1
    Moon Silver Nugget x1
    Sinners Palm Sap x3
    Straw Mushroom Bundle x1
    Philosopher's Egg x1
    Worth: 10 Gold
    Search: RoM-Welten dbZAMGoogle

    As with all Alchemy Recipes, the Crafting Cost represents the cost of the glassware.

    The recipe for this potion can be looted from: Kal Turok King Myrmex.