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This is a list of common terms in this game, as well as some general internet slang that has evolved from game websites and forums.

Words that are abbreviations have their expanded version in parentheses.

[edit] Group Roles

Term Definition
Tank A character who purposely holds the attention of enemies (see aggro) and is more capable of surviving damage than other characters in his group.
Healer A character whose task is to keep the other members of the group alive through the use of healing magic.
DPS A character whose task is to deal as much damage as possible to enemies. These players are also expected to be responsible when it comes to taking unnecessary damage, to reduce strain on the healer.
Melee DPS A damage-focused character who fights enemies at close range. See also: toe-to-toe, melee range
Ranged DPS A damage-focused character who fights enemies at long range. Usually a caster, but Scouts also fall into this category.

[edit] General Terms

Term Definition
Aggro (Aggression) The amount of threat generated by a player toward a monster. The player with the most threat for a particular monster will "have aggro (have the attention of the monster)" - the tank is the ideal person for this, but high DPS players can potentially take aggro which can be dangerous.
AOE (Area of Effect) Abilities that affect targets in an area, usually originating from the caster's location. There are also abilities that affect the area around the caster's target, and abilities that can target a location.
Caster A character that primarily uses magic spells and abilities. These characters are generally very weak at melee combat and their weapons focus on Magic Damage.
Gear Equipment; Refers to any item that can be equipped.
Gear Check An enemy or encounter that can be used as a test to see if your gear is adequate for the content you've started. Usually the first or second boss in a dungeon, but can be applied to other things as well.
Solo Playing alone; Sometimes used as a verb to denote the player will be doing an activity alone (i.e. soloing a dungeon)
Vendor Trash Items and equipment that are not valuable to other players in any way. White equipment is generally a good example of this.