Flying Rune Disk

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Cost: 299Diamonds ($12.56) 
Ruby Bonus: 59Rubies 
In-game Appearance
Icon - Flying Rune Disk.png
Aquatic Mount - This mount does not disappear when crossing water
Number of riders this mount can accommodate: 1
Increases movement speed by 75.0%
Flying Rune Disk
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Summons: Flying Rune Disk
Available for an unlimited amount of time.
Increases movement speed by 75.0.%
This mount can cross water. Does not disappear.

This mount cannot be colored.

Originally, this item was one of three mounts available in the Item Shop on EU and US servers during the EU Walpurgisnacht festival in 2010. The cost was 349Diamonds ($14.66)  with a Ruby Bonus of 160Rubies .

This item was made available in the Item Shop from 7/8/2016 to 7/11/2016. The cost was 299Diamonds ($12.56)  with a Ruby Bonus of 59Rubies .

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