Farm Plague

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Farm Plague

Get 10 Alfalfa Weeds from the hills in the south of Silverspring, 10 Red Snowberrys from the plain in central Silverspring, and 12 Tea Plant Buds along the riverside to the north and east of Silverspring. Once you have collected them all, give them to Shalson, mistress of Dorian's Farm.

  • Zone:' '
  • Quest Level: 16
  • Quest Start: Omyr
  • Quest End: Shalson
Farm Plague

You came at just the right time! I need your help with something.

This is the deal. Dorian's Farm has been infected with this crop disease. It's worst there. Also, these past few days the Dorian's Farm master Darhoo suddenly took ill. I don't know if it has anything to do with the crop disease. I'm currently investigating this, but I still haven't reached any conclusion. If the disease can transfer from crops to humans... then we're really in trouble!

I taught the farmer's wife Shalson how to create a restorative potion. When she gave it to Darhoo, his condition got a little better, so it seems that the medicine had some kind of effect. From that I can deduce the cause of the sickness.

However, the materials that are needed to make the medicine will soon run out. I want you to help me. Gather 10 Alfalfa Weeds, 10 Red Snowberrys and 12 Tea Plant Buds. Take them to Dorian's Farm and give them to Shalson. These plants grow in the southern hills of Silverspring, in the central plain and also along the riverside from the north to the east.


Alfalfa is located at 56.4, 69.0, Tea Plant Bud: 43.5, 41.0, Red Snowberry: 44.3, 59.3


Exp: 732
TP: 73
Gold: 1171

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Zone: Silverspring Area: Vender Caravan Quest Position: x=45.61 y=44.06

Need 1: Alfalfa Weed Need 2: Red Snowberry Need 3: Tea Plant Bud