Dusk Orchid

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Worth: 10Gold 

This material can be obtained by Gathering from Dusk Orchid by those with a minimum Herbalism skill of 26.

This item comes from Dusk Orchid
Icon - Dusk Orchid.png
Dusk Orchid
Worth: 10 Gold

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    For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

    Gather using Herbalism (26) from Dusk Orchid
    Gathered Raw Material: Dusk Orchid Dusk Orchid
    Refine using Extraction (26)
    Refine 2 Dusk Orchid Dusk Orchid to make 1 Dusk Orchid Bundle Dusk Orchid Bundle
    Refine 4 Dusk Orchid Bundle Dusk Orchid Bundle or 8 Dusk Orchid Dusk Orchid to make 1 Dusk Orchid Sap Dusk Orchid Sap
    Refine 6 Dusk Orchid Sap Dusk Orchid Sap or 48 Dusk Orchid Dusk Orchid to make 1 Dusk Orchid Extract
    ItemMerchant ValueGuild Donation
    Dusk Orchid Dusk Orchidneed1need1
    Dusk Orchid Bundle Dusk Orchid Bundleneedneed
    Dusk Orchid Sap Dusk Orchid Sapneedneed
    Dusk Orchid Extractneedneed
    Idealitem name neededitem name needed
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    Guild Donation Related Notes[edit | edit source]

    • Common Material. Ideal refinement level is Dusk Orchid Bundle (green) and no further.
    • Raw guild donation value (Herb): 5
    • Processed ideal refinement material's value: 15 per 2 unprocessed pieces (7.5 per unprocessed unit)
    • Effectiveness multiplication value by refining to ideal refinement level: 1.5
    • It may worth it to disassemble an already existent Dusk Orchid Extract and then refine it to Dusk Orchid Bundle (green). Effectiveness multiplication value: 1.5