Daily Quest List

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Daily quests are reset at:

9AM EST for US servers 05:00 GMT for EU/UK servers 06:00 AEST for AU/NZ servers

Each daily quest can be done more than once a day. However, you can only turn in 10 daily quests per day.
There is also an Item Mall item which will reset this number at any time. It is called Daily Quest Ticket and costs 39 diamonds or 780 Phirius coins on the US servers or 39 diamonds on the EU and AU servers.

Daily Quest List

All daily quests can be accepted when your character is still two levels below the quest until the level 40 quests in Dustdevil canyon, which require you to be that level to accept the quest. However, if you are using daily quests to level a secondary class, note that you can complete them when your character is ten levels below. (Confirmed for Aslan Valley)

(Savage Lands level 53 and 54 quests can be accepted at level 52).

Howling Mountains - Quest levels 3-10

Elven Island - Quest levels 4-8

Silverspring - Quest levels 10-19

Sascilia Steppes - Quest levels 1-18

Dragonfang Ridge - Quest levels 21-34

Coast of Opportunity - Quest levels 3-42

Aslan Valley - Quest levels 20-28

Ystra Highlands - Quest levels 31-37

Ystra Labyrinth - Quest levels 32-45

Dustdevil Canyon - Quest levels 40-47

Xaviera - Quest levels 43-50

Ravenfell - Quest levels 46-50

Weeping Coast - Quest levels 50-53

Savage Lands - Quest levels 53-56

Aotulia Volcano - Quest levels 55-56

Thunderhoof Hills - Quest level 57

Southern Janost Forest - Quest level 58

Northern Janost Forest - Quest level 59

Limo Desert - Quest levels 60-61

Land of Malevolence - Quest level 62-64

Redhill Mountains - Quest levels 65-66

Tergothen Bay - Quest level 69

Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan - Quest level 70-72

Chrysalia - Quest level 72-75

Merdhin Tundra - Quest level 75-77

Syrbal Pass - Quest level 78-80

Sarlo - Quest level 80-82

Wailing Fjord - Quest level 82-85

Jungle of Hortek - Quest level 85-87

Salioca Basin - Quest level 88-90