Coast of Opportunity

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Coast of Opportunity
Coast of Opportunity.jpg
Level 1-42
Places of Interest Heffner Camp
Icefrost Camp
Basilisk Swamp
Capitol Heffner Camp

Area description

Long ago, courageous adventurers set out to explore the uncharted coastal regions of Taborea. When they reached this terra incognita, stretching from the beach up into the icy mountain peaks, the promise of great opportunity enlivened the weary travellers. A bustling trade port soon developed here, attracting all walks of life.

This harbour became a transportation hub for travellers and cargo, an ideal centre for trade and a starting point for interesting adventures. The Coast of Opportunity is a place for experienced players to take on new challenges with their third class.

Traveling to Coast of Opportunity

Once you've reached level 20 on both your first and second class, you will receive a notice that you're eligible to choose a third class. Upon selecting a third class, you'll receive a spell to teleport to Heffner Camp, the starting quest hub of Coast of Opportunity.

As of Patch 5.0.0, each character will have to earn their own entry to this area.

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