Bloody Gallery

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Bloody Gallery
Level 20-25
Inhabitants Ooze, Undead, Spiders and Bats
Location Silverspring


The Bloody Gallery is a "public instance". Each player group will enter the same instanced dungeon to do battle with mobs on set on a very fast respawn rate. The instance was only open for 2 hours at 10pm PST(when Announcement said the bats are out), but was changed in open beta(see Patch 1811) to stay open all the time.

Level and Location[edit]

Levels 20-25

The Blood Gallery is inside the Forsaken Abbey church, northwest of Varanas. The entrance is down the staircase and across the large room.


Bloodthirsty Wiltleaf Bat - Levels 18-19
Carrion Spider - Levels 21-22
Dark-green Bat - Levels 18-19
Gloomy Magic Bat - Levels 20-22
Obsessive Shadow - Levels 23-24
Ooze - Levels 21-22
Rune Snow Spirit - Level 22
Vicious Night Shadow Bat - Levels 20-22
Zombie - Level 20




Count Hibara - 1st Form - Level 20 - 113,899 HP
Count Hibara - 2nd Form - Level 23 - 89,456 HP

Instance Items[edit]

Empty Bottle of Blood
Fresh Blood Bottle


Illusion Crystal
Life Crystal
Tough Crystal